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Children developing a love for reading and creating a successful life Reading is important habit to have at all ages as understating the words and the vocabulary stimulate the mind and improve communication skills. However, it is especially important at the early stages of childhood therefore parents should instigate and inspire children to not just read but also enjoy it. This way a child learns in early life the importance of reading and the benefits from it in their adult life. Moreover, this essay will suggest two different ways that parents can motivate a child to develop a love for reading, in addition the importance that reading plays out to teach these children to be future leaders. First, a very effective way that parents can stimulate their child to enjoy reading is having an one-on-one time for story telling with the child’s favorite theme or character. It is important to set up an individual time for the child because this way they will feel more engaged to listen and participate in the reading. When parents give their child full attention majority of the cases the child will most likely respond the same way and show their full commitment to that moment as well. Adding that to the fact that the story is about something that they are highly interested will increase even more their involvement. The mix of reading an exciting and fun story with the attention and care that the parent or caregiver put in make reading time a very positive experience for the child. However, it is important that this dynamic happens frequently. Hence, all these interactions will be recorded in their mind as a very positive experience which it will motivate and inspire them to be excited to read as in their memory reading time is equal fun, love and an enjoyable experience. Second, it is important that the parents set up an example for their child. Children, specially in the early stages of development, imitates about everything that their parents/caregivers do (positive or negative) since they do not have the cognitive development to distinguish right and wrong. They just observe and model the behavior that is being taught at home. After all, it is this way that they learn to speak, talk, read and listen. Basically all forms of communications skills is learned through their family. Hence, it is highly recommended that even though reading regularly may not be a current custom of the parents they could start to develop the habit at home. However, it must be portrayed as something enjoyable and rewarding. It should not be a rule or displayed as a sacrifice to be made in order to achieve something greater. Therefore, here it is also essential that parents also engage in reading on topics and subjects that they most prefer and feel interested about it. Once the child observes this behavior (reading and enjoying) at their home they most likely will interpret as a positive experience. Then again that will be recorded in their brain structure in such a way that throughout the other stages of development it will be a learning behavior for them. Reading can even turn out to be a passion and a hobby shared within the family members that make them even more connected to each other. This sense of belonging and connection will also add up on the positive experience from the learning behavior. Hence the child will not just create the habit of reading but also associating that with love. As result the child will become highly interested and happy about reading books. Finally, it will be demonstrated that encouraging children to read to develop a inspirational passion for it have a positive impact on that child’s future. Readers are leaders because the person who is passionate about reading is essentially someone who values and know how to understand and share all kind of knowledge such as information, thoughts, concept, opinions and stories. The key to be successful is to be a person who has the ability to understand and share knowledge. As reading books is a great source of knowledge a reader naturally becomes a leader. In addition, another advantage of being a reader is the fact that a person who reads become a very competent communicator. As it is well known that communication skills are also essential for a person to have a successful life. In conclusion, it is important to teach children reading skills but more than that it is also essential to teach them to love and enjoy reading. Parents may feel that teaching children to love books is something quite difficult to achieve. However, this paper shares two applicable suggestions of how parents can motivate and inspire their child to become a book lover. First, parents could create one-on-one moments to read books with their child on a regular basis and also choosing books themes that arouses the curiosity and attention of the child. Secondly, it is crucial that parents become a strong example of someone who is passionate about reading which therefore will create the opportunity for their child to develop this positive behavior as well. Lastly, a brief connection as why readers are leaders and how becoming passionate about reading can lead a person to a successful life. The main idea is that parents understand the importance of instilling their child to become a person who loves to read and how that can be very beneficial for their future.