Teach English in Erdaobaihe Zhen - Yanbianchao Xianzu Zizhizhou

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This lesson covers the areas of receptive skills which are listening and reading. When reading, there are many different ways to perform the action depending on what the purpose of one's reading is. Skimming, scanning, or detailed reading are a few examples used for obtaining specific information, general ideas, or more specific details. When preaparing a classroom for a reading or listening exercise, one should make sure the difficult or relevant vocabulary is taught from before, but should not remain too long finding every single word that might not be understood, as sometimes, general ideas are more important. Linking together ESA stages in a logical way is important for an organized and logical class. Materials to raed and listen to must be adecuate to the level of the students and varied in topics so that all members of the classroom may better engage and enjoy the subjects in this area of learning.