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According to a research study by Ronald Ferguson, "Nearly half of a child's achievement in school can be accounted for by factors outside the school, including parent support." Therefore, a parent 's involvement can play a very tremendous role in the development of a child and a child's education. Often than not, parents and the society think and confuse the school and the teachers to play the biggest role in the education of a child. But that is not the case. The home and the parents do add the biggest value and impact in the education of a child. Parents are their first teachers and they have a key role in shaping up their character. ... Parental encouragement had played a crucial role in successful students. Their role is not limited to home but involvement in school activities too. A child's learning scale is highly related to how they are treated at home. A parent can make their home a good place for learning. It is the responsibility of the parent to create a pleasant atmosphere for the child to live in. Shelter is a basic need and a good shelter is a great place for a child to live in that would result in the child being in a position to study well. It's the role of a parent to make sure that the students has all the study materials they might need at home . Making sure a child has a study desk and stationary and books available for them to study whilst at home is vital. In the same regard, the parents should make the student relax in a way. The atmosphere should be fitting for a student to relax. Relaxation adds to great development of a student. Lastly on the home setting and setup; it's the responsibility of the parent to design a perfect and fun study timetable for the student at home. A child should not feel any burden when about to study or when studying. And that is the responsibility of the parent. Furthermore, the parent's role in showing support for the child's education. It is the utmost responsibility of the parent to prioritize the child 's learning. A parent should always bring the education of a child first. In this case, the parent should be aware of their work trips and engagement and social engagement that they don't temper with the study time of their child. This includes attending meetings at school, Attending school activities of the students, close attention to their school work. The development of a child whose parent is available and active is very different and impressive than that of an absent parent. A parent should make sure they attend the education trips with the student. The other greatest support of a parent to a student is being a role model. The greatest lesson and teaching is the one that is proven and done. A parent should be a role model to their child as far as education is concerned . They should share their own experience but not in comparison but as an encouragement. A parent should be seen reading, getting away from the phone and TV. The things that are disrupting. Lastly we look at parent's role in helping with homework. It is without questions that a parent should help their child with some homework. A parent should develop a close bond with the child that it makes it easy for them to work out and through the child's homework. A parent should be so active in their child's education to a point where helping with school work isn't much of a task but a lifestyle . However, it's imperative that parents don't do their children homework but help them through and assist them in developing the skill, confidence and ability to do the homework for themselves. Parents should make sure that they don't over schedule because students have a number of tasks at home and different subjects to deal with. A parent should develop a culture of reading for the child. They should both read. In the same way, the parent should be able to help and assist the child to prepare for the tests. In the same way, the parent should reward a child when they have done well. It will encourage them to do better and more. Parent- teacher relationship is extremely important because both the guardians will be able to craft and pave a way on how the child should study. Their strength and weaknesses and they will both be able to curb the weaknesses . In conclusion, a positive role of a parent is very imperative as it can assist the development the child's growth and education.