Teach English in DagAng Zhen - Yancheng Shi

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During the journal of learning languages, the progress can separated into many parts: vocabulary, speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing, watching, etc. Among these options, one essential part is grammar. And let’s talk about how crucial is it to learn grammar. Grammar is the structure of the language. After studying grammar, learners are able to become more accurate when using a language. Actually at first place, we easily put our attention on vocabulary, pronunciation to learn a language, as we doing these, like finding the suitable bricks to build the building, doing the collecting work to collect the basic materials as many as possible. And for next step, we need the engineering drawing to ‘build the building’, which means organizing the vocabularies to express the sentences. By now, all we need is grammar to make sentences organized and express exactly what we thought. Grammar is the logical thought of the language. Grammar rules can help learners develop the habit of thinking logically and clearly. Actually, how well you use the grammar, how logically thought you’ve got during your expression. Grammar improves the development of fluency. When a person has learned grammar, it will be easier for that person to know how to organize and express the ideas in their mind without difficulty. As a result, they will be able to speak, read and write the language more fluently. When writing on behalf of your organization, it is important to use the correct grammar, as this can mean the difference between readers trusting your expertise or questioning your knowledge of the subject matter. Without good grammar, clear communication is impossible. Learning grammar is very important for the adults learner. Children use Universal Grammar and language-specific learning mechanisms without awareness, while adults draw on their basic knowledge and can use their analytic abilities to think about the structure of the higher level. Based on a research, people who only relay on the immersion language instead of learning the logical thought, 1/3 of them will remain at ‘Basic Variety’, no improvement. As we grown-up, the stage of our mother-language is much more higher than the foreign languages, and ability of analyze, deduction, conclusion is stronger than under age. On the other side, when we go though the ‘Critical Period’, around 6-12 years old, the Synapses in the brain eventually reduce, and it will be hard for adults to learn a new language based on subconsciousness. Input doesn’t become intake because of low cue salience, low functional value, high redundancy in the immediate understanding of messages, blocked by basic experience of form like meaning contingencies acting as a filter, etc. And for career developing, grammar can help to build our excellent impression at very first place. A person with poor grammar skill can form a negative impression on others. First impressions can be lasting, and may hide the true judgment of character. Some people consider good grammar to be a mark of intelligence and education. Writing and speaking correctly gives you the appearance of credibility. Many employers are immediately put off when they receive a cover letter for a job application that contains grammatical errors and is poorly written. If you’re attempting to build a reputation as an expert in your profession, correct use of grammar is extremely important.