Teach English in Donggou Zhen - Yancheng Shi

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One of the main goals of education is to promote life-long learning. Thus, education should be able to motivate individuals to continue learning throughout their lives even outside the classroom. So, as a teacher, you should be striving to enhance the development of life-long learning among your students. There is evidence in education literature that supports the idea that classroom management plays a key role in helping teachers to achieve optimal learning in their classrooms. In light of this, I think it is important for us to assess the importance of effective management of students’ classroom behavior. t helps create a conducive learning  environment. That is to say that your classroom management skills can help you to create a favorable environment that will make all your students have a sense of belongingness so that they will feel free to explore more learning opportunities within the boundaries and standards established by collaborated efforts between you and your students. This is possible if you have a well-thought-out plan to manage the behavior of your students and your classroom. On the other hand, if you don’t have a plan in place to manage your lessons and behavior of your students in the classroom, there will be chaos which makes your classroom environment not suitable for effective learning. In this environment, your students will learn much lesser than they could if you had managed the classroom effectively. It helps avoid waste of time and energy. You need a proper classroom management strategy to guide all things that happen in the classroom within the day. It is often helpful to pre-plan your lesson taking into account classroom management issues such that possible misbehaviors during the lesson will not limit you from helping your students to effectively grasp what you are going to teach. That is to say, before a student puts up behavior in your class during a lesson, your plan of managing the class can help you to quickly deal with that behavior and move on with the lesson. Reflecting and embarking on the planning processes for your classroom management will always be extremely helpful in removing almost all disruptions in your class. Remember your classroom management planning will vary across different classes. It helps boost the morale of the teacher. Having good classroom management skills helps boost your morale. It makes you feel like a master of your job. A master who does not only brings out the best in his/her students but also derives strong satisfaction and motivation from what you do. Student achievement is highly dependent on the effectiveness of their teachers in the classroom. By building a strong relationship with students, the positive learning environment has taken place and so the teachers can expect active participation in class. The last thing a teacher would want is when he or she is hoping for a response from the students, but didn’t receive any. I found it very useful to remember the names of each of my students and I would try my best to identify each of them by the end of first month class meeting. I discovered that it is an excellent way in obtaining students involvement in class. In a way, I wanted to show that they are of significant individuals to me and also there is no favouritism in my class where the teacher will only remember two or three names of selected few. The students will usually be more proactive to give their thoughts and feedbacks during and after lessons. Subsequently, I will know how effective my teaching has been and how effective the learning has taken place. Students and teacher can be thought of as a team where teamwork and cooperation plays a vital role in achieving team goals. This cooperation can be obtained with the teacher’s good management skills in the classroom. The teacher will need the support from his or her students in order to deliver lesson on his or her best effort. Therefore, students’ cooperation in avoiding any misconduct during lessons is much needed by the teacher. Of course the teacher should be firm in handling these kinds of behaviour, but prevention is better than cure. I would try as much as possible to avoid using anger as a counter measure because it will end up straining the relationship built with the students. Ultimately to steer clear of the situation, I know that it is best to tell the students first hand of what I deem is acceptable and what is not.