Teach English in Fuyu Zhen - Yancheng Shi

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Just like teachers at school or learning centers are an extension of parents. The same is true other way around as well. In todays competitive world, parents need be an extension of teachers. Involvement of parents in a child’s learning and development is very important. Parents are the first line of role models children look up to. The smallest of efforts put by parents can go a long way. It is important that children understand that the role of parents is not limited to just providing for their education. Even parents should understand that their responsibilities extend way beyond paying their child’s school fee. I have seen how much of a difference a parents’ involvement can make in a child’s education first-hand with my own daughter. Being a working mother, it is not always possible to follow-up on what the child is learning at school. However, every little bit counts. Having a quick rundown of how my child spent her day tells me so much about her. It helps a parent understand their children better. Practicing some of the topics they have learnt at school gives them a sense that even the parent knows and understands what they have learnt. I try to introduce some fun activities where possible so that things learnt at school stay with my child for a long time. We have also developed a routine where we keep some time to try and read together. Since she is too young to read by herself, I have realized that the more I read to her, the more she learns and understands new vocabulary. Her comprehension abilities have also improved a lot. This small daily routine has brought us closer and this reading time is something that my daughter looks forward to. Another way where a parent can help is by maintaining a good rapport with the child’s actual educators, in other words, their teachers at school. When the child sees that that their parents and teachers have a good relationship, it lets the child know that parents are very much interested in their school life, and with it comes a feeling of importance. It is vital as parents that we set a basic rule that studies are important too. Time should be set aside for study time. There might be conflicting schedules, however, we need to make sure the child understands that study time takes priority over everything else. Another technique that helped me a lot is outdoor learning time. As working parents we get exhausted and are in need for some fresh air. Collaborating such outdoor trips with learning time makes the experience enjoyable for children and they tend to learn better. Playing hopscotch turned out to be a perfect way to learn numbers together. With outdoor comes aspects of our child’s lives that extend beyond school education. Teaching children basic things like how to interact with strangers, treating elders, garbage disposal, interacting with new kids they might meet at a park, is important for their character building. Lastly something that has come a long way for me is being a friend to my child. Being a person they can trust. Kids need an ally, someone who will always be there for them and who can be relied on. Being that person even if you have to play rock paper scissors/Janken a million times a day can bring your child closer.