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There can be no doubt that every child is very unique and children learn from the environment where they grow up in different ways. So child development is very dominant to parents and teachers to find strategies on how to improve a child’s learning development skills. By knowing the process of children growth, parents could understand and help them successfully whereas teachers could properly help and support them with their learning problems and needs. It is said that child development refers to the sequence of physical movement, language, thought and emotional changes that occur in a child from birth to the beginning of adulthood. In my opinion, a child’s development is the process of growth of a child to teenage years, from dependency to increase independence. Actually, children grow up in environments where their social, emotional and educational needs are met. Not only parents but also teachers should know child development. It cannot be denied that parents are a child’s first and most important teachers because they start to become more and more independent from their parents. According to Bornstein and Genevro 1, this child may try new behaviors to be part of “the group.” This can also be the time that parents or teachers recognize learning disabilities or behavioral problems in children . These problems can get worse as time goes on, so it is important to get help when the children is still young. A study shows that children development skills have five main areas which are cognitive development, social and emotional development, speech and language development, fine motor skill development and gross motor skill development. Cognitive skills include problem solving, evaluating, remembering, comparing and contrasting, attention, brain processing speed, language and so on. In addition, social and emotional development consists of the child’s experience, expression, ability to understand the feelings of others, control his or her own feelings and behaviors etc. Social and emotional skills comprise self-management, self-awareness, social-awareness, relationship skills and decision making. What’s more, speech and language development in children is amazing and it is a development that many parents really look forward to language development is a critical part of a child’s overall development. The best way to encourage a child’s speech and language development is to do lots of talking together about things that they are interested in and read and share lots of books with them. Some example ways to nature children’s language development are talk them more, read together with them more, enjoy music together, telling stories and never criticize the children’s articulation or speech pattern. Furthermore, fine motor skills also consists of the coordination of small muscle movements which occurs e.g., in the fingers, usually in coordination with the eyes. During the infant and toddler years, children develop basic grasping and manipulation skills which are refined during the preschool years. The preschooler becomes quite adept in self-help, construction, holding grips and bimanual control tasks requiring the use of both hands. And I understand that working on gross motor skills helps a child gain strength and confidence in his or her body. It also helps them get exercise and physical activity which is important for a healthy lifestyle. Gross motor skills involve actions such as running, crawling and swimming. Besides, the brain grows very rapidly during the first several years of life. During this time, the child is learning all sorts of new skills. Because children usually acquire developmental milestones or skills during a specific time frame. We can predict when most children will learn different skills. Personally, a child behavior is always caused by their own parents and the environment around him or her. For example, a child who grows up in an environment where he or she always gets scolded by their parents can be seen as an aggressive child. In order to change this child, his or her parents must be patient to him or her. And we, teachers must understand their misbehavior and try to change them wisely. That is the point that teachers have to study physical or mental development of children in order to solve problem behavior in the classroom. Knowing their development, teachers can create lessons which are more effective to them. Moreover, good relationship should be increased between teachers and students in order to build trust which is crucial to handle the problems. In summary, parents and teachers should pay attention to children development to mature the children’s communication abilities, understanding abilities and manner. There will be disabilities and behavioural problems in children if there are lack of care and love. Thus, both parents and teachers play an important role in leading their children or their pupils to the success of their lives.