Teach English in Guoshu (aoyanggongyeyuan) Zhen - Yancheng Shi

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Building confidence within a student's mind and emotional aspect of his/her life may initially seem to be somewhat of a challenge to teachers as well as teacher trainees alike. These particular challenges may involve seeking to understand how a student may have (or may not have) received healthy encouragement and/or proper emotional care in the way of his/her upbringing. Many issues as well as setbacks may be a reality in a student's life. These potential issues or emotional setbacks may go unnoticed to an unexpectant or inattentive superior or peer. Simply smiling at an individual can administer confidence into one's life. Words of encouragement can and do inspire one's mind and emotional status to succeed in many areas of life. This is particularly true withn a course-study classroom environment. Students often times utilize more time inside of a classroom setting than that of any other place or atmosphere. Peer-to-peer cohesion as well as teacher-to-student relationship proves to be of vital importance. I recall a particular experience which I faced some weeks ago as I was delivering an English educational piece on the subject of the usages of the present continuous tense. One student in particular (out of a group of eighteen students) was not enjoying the day. She was obviously not enjoying the class session, nor the material being presented. She initially did not want to engage. She did not wish to involve herself with drilling, worksheets or question and answer sessions. Her body language indicated she may have been experiencing a rough day. Her facial expression and the tone of her voice suggested to me that she was bored and uninterested in learning. I gathered from observing her that there was some other place she had rather be than where she was. I concluded that the explanation to what I was witnessing was simple to understand. This young student lacked confidence. She lacked confidence within herself. She lacked confidence to express herself amongst her peers. Study phase of the class session had passed and I was readily motivated to move on to the engage phase of this particular lesson. I had in mind just the right motivator this particular student (as well as all students) could highly benefit from. I had believed activities and peer-to-peer interactions this activity could initiate would definitely be a confidence building activity for all involved. Each student as an individual would feel a confidence boost. The entire student body would also corporately feel an enhanced, encouraging and motivating reason to become involved in the activity. During the last ten minutes of this particular class period a noticeable difference associated with the student's demeanor had changed. She was smiling hugely. She was laughing loudly and she fully found interest in the presented class material. She was called upon multiple times to answer questions. She was called upon and noticed many times to be a prime participant in activated class involvement. She allowed her embarrassment to diminish. She purposefully began to express confidence and interest in the educational material of that hour. All peers were able to sense her confidence and intelligence. I certainly immediately learned of her intelligence and confidence in speaking the English language. Sensing a student's lack of confidence and having the mindset and plan of action to boost confidence has proven to be successful. Others may have noticed a change in behavior and attitude, thus enhancing the reality as to why building confidence within a student's life is of vital importance. None was singled out. No student was made to feel embarrassed. Learned teaching techniques and observations have proven to be true in application. Observations and properly applied techniques clearly reveal an importance as to why building confidence in students is important.