Teach English in Huaihai Nongchang - Yancheng Shi

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I have chosen the topic ‘Evaluation & Testing’ as my topic for my summative task. The reason I chose this topic is because I am an avid believer in these two tools when teaching. Firstly I will provide a little background to my thinking. So I enrolled into this course because I am looking to get a job teaching English in China. I went to China to do my Bachelors 4 years ago and now I have just graduated. I have always wanted to be a teacher but because of low salaries in my home country Ii could never have been a real feasible career path for me. However in China teaching English is a very lucrative an rewarding career path and so I decided to try it out. I have been teaching mainly part time jobs for the last year. Because I have a real passion for teaching I found a few issues with the teaching standards here. This is what made me go for this TEFL course. To improve my teaching skills and in turn improve the teaching standards at the places I taught in the process. The main problem I found was that teachers here just come to class and teach and that’s that. They don’t really focus on getting feedback or any sort of evaluation from their lessons. This is why when I came to this unit in the course I was very happy. As a teacher and as a human being you can never be perfect. This means that even the students cannot be perfect and so the only way you can help them and insure that they are actually learning and retaining the information you teach them is through administering tests at regular intervals. This allows you to be able to as a teacher see if your lessons are actually being effective as well as see any problem areas that the students might be facing. When you see this you can then tailor make your lessons to try and address these issues so that you students can get the best out of the lessons. In this course I learnt about all sorts of tests that you can give to your students and when exactly you can do that. Timing is another valuable thing and I now know which situation I can give a ‘Placement Exam’ or when I can give a ‘Final Exam’ etc. I have learnt a lot of very valuable things from this course but I think this is the most important topic of them all and this will elevate my teaching to the next level. I am now very excited with what I am going to offer to my students and with this perfected method of testing I am going to give them the best education that they can get and they will definitely have many tests and evaluations during the course of their lessons with me. I am very satisfied and I am happy with this ITTT TEFL course that I took and I will always remember it for the rest of my teaching days and beyond