Teach English in Jianyang Zhen - Yancheng Shi

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Teaching is a great career, actually it is called “prophets’ career” in some cultures. For me, it is the most difficult and enjoyable job a person could do because every day you are facing new challenges and learning new things especially when you are dealing with young learners. According to my personal point of view, being a teacher means being a student at the same time, you will learn from your students as well as you will teach them and you will how to be patient, outgoing and self-controlled. When I was younger, I never thought that I would be a teacher one day; I even used to think that teaching is the worst job a person could have, but one day I found myself a teacher, I started to teach by accident somehow, it was a part-time job for couple months, but it became my new passion. I started to love this job and I had lots of training to improve myself and be a better teacher. Now, after thirteen years, I have to say that teaching is really a great job, it made me a better person and changed my opinion about many things, it never made me feel bored and above all, it taught me lots of new things. Being an ESL teacher and teach a new language to someone makes me feel as I am making a miracle, when I start teaching someone who does not know anything about English except “Hello” and after couple months this person can express himself in English, that is a miracle to me, it is a wonderful thing, it makes me feel that I did the greatest job in the world. Teaching made me see different cultures and opened my eyes on new things especially in China, where I am working now, teaching people in unfamiliar country made me realize how awesome is to be a teacher. In China, I have learnt lots of new things; new culture, new habits, new lifestyle, etc. I feel I am lucky to be a teacher in this wonderful country although sometimes I have to face lots of obstacles either cultural or educational ones. Actually, being a teacher means that every day you need to face new challenges even you are teaching the same students or repeating the same lesson, because you need to deal with different moods and different people. Sometimes, these troubles are not made by your students; they are made by your employers or colleagues, other times they are made by some annoying parents. In general, you need to be too careful when teaching in a strange country because you will face lots of cultural differences and educational problems, so you have to be too aware of things you are doing and words you are saying, but at the same time, you will learn lots of new nice things. As a conclusion, teaching is the noblest job in the world but it is also the most difficult one, and in order to be a successful teacher, you need to be patient, understood, enthusiastic, outgoing, and loving. And trust me it worth it.