Teach English in JinshAhu Guanweihui - Yancheng Shi

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There is no doubt that Teachers play an active role in the educational process. Teachers have the ability to change lives and develop well-educated and respectable students; they can help with not only knowledge growth but personal improvement, too. Teaching is far from being a passive role: a professional teacher is always active and observant, even when he is not teaching. The English language is widely spoken in different parts of the world. Non-native English speakers can improve their English language and work abroad. This can also help them to get jobs in other countries or doing business with foreign people. A good, well-trained teacher can make a huge difference in your education and future. Highly-effective English teachers should be fresh always, introduce new ideas and changes, experiment with new things and be unique. Good teachers should have certain qualities like patience, tenacity, and adaptability. There are some personal qualities that make a good teacher. Being aware of these qualities, and more importantly, working at it, can turn a competent teacher into a brilliant one. Good educators are high in demand, but to be an effective teacher, you need to have a diverse set of professional skills to complete the package. There is a list of skills needed to be a good teacher. 1. A love for Teaching We want to teach because we need to help our families and to make our lives better. Teaching a language requires more than telling students what the rules of the language are. We must be able to know strengths of a learner as well as their weaknesses. When we love teaching, this helps us to improve the educational atmosphere. 2. Enthusiasm A good teacher encourages student learn and practice. Enthusiasm affects the teacher, the learner and the educational process. 3. Respect Students feel safe to share the good manners and values when teachers respect them. This trait helps to create a useful learning environment. 4. Organized Teachers should plan well and prepare good activities to help teaching effectively inside his classes. 5. Work as a Team Teachers don’t work alone. Students should feel that they are a part of a team to solve the problems that face them. 6. Be patient Teachers should be patient when they deal with children because some learners may not behave well. 7. Communication Teachers should have good communication skills. They should interact well with all learners. When they communicate effectively, this affects actively the educational process. 8. Adaptability Teachers should adapt themselves to all learners that they are dealing with. This depends on the individual needs of students. They should know more and more about students’ personalities ,their problems ,their needs and their interests to deal well with them for improving the educational process. 9. Creative Teachers should be creative to make students involved and interested. There are some ways for creativity in the classroom : - Listen to fun stories. Those entertaining stories show how creative choices affect the world. - Open-Ended Projects: Teachers can encourage students to research a topic or question of their choosing. The students will be responsible for coming up with the topics, researching them and ultimately drawing their own educated conclusions In conclusion, no one can deny the importance of teachers in the World of teaching and learning. Their personal qualities help them effectively to be good teachers and improve the quality of the educational outputs.