Teach English in Jiulongkou Zhen - Yancheng Shi

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English is a language used worldwide, English is used in education,games, business and many other places. The importance of English is growing every day in all countries, therefor the need to earn English is also growing.English is being taught at every level from kindergarten to adults.English education is also changing,globally, there are many differences than how it was taught previously. This brings some problems with it that learners face, like; the teach not being equipped with the modern classroom devices, the teacher not being up to date with the new teaching methods and the lack of English the local teacher have. Firstly, learning English in a non-native country is not easy as on emay think. There can be many problems fort he learners an done of the problems is not being equipped with the modern devices like a smart board of online platforms where they can play grammer games. As I work in Turkey my example with be of there. The private schools in Turkey have the latest technology, so fort he learner to learn English its a little easier because they have different platforms and devices that they can choose from to study. On the other hand, the government schools do not have this opportunity. Secondly, another problem learners can face is the teacher not being up to date with the teaching methods. There are methods such as ESA or boomerang that have been tested and are reliable. So there are teachers that use these methods and help the learners learn by using these different methods. There are teacher that still use old fashioned methods that are not really preferred anymore because they are not seen as useful at the other methods like ESA and boomerang. The important fact here is that the native and local teacher must develop themselves and dedicate themselves to education. Finally, every non-native country have local teacher from that country and this could cause a problem fort he learnern when learning pronunciation and stressing the syllables. In Turkey this problem is seen often. The problem fort he learner is that the native teacher pronounces the word correctly, the students learn it and after the Turkish teacher pronounces the word wrong and this generally effects the learner. The main problem fort his is that the local teacher does not know how to stress the syllables,therefor they pronounce it wrong. The learners start learning from the local teachers at a young age and that is why it is hard to change it when they are older. It is hard fort he native teacher to change this habbit. All in all, learning English is a never ending process and the teaching methods will always change. Ofcourse there will be problems for learners, maybe less problems for some and more problems for others. If native and local teachers continue to develope themselves and dedicate themselves to educating the learners so the problems students face will minimize. This is a must because learning English is mandatory for most of the world.