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Many English learners wonder if learning grammar is important. The answer is 'yes'. Learning grammar is essential. Here are 4 reasons why people should learn grammar. One of the functions of grammar is to make sure that you can express yourself accurately. As a language, English is a tool for people to communicate. If you don’t care whether you speak proper English or whether you are able to make yourself understood in English, what’s the point of learning it? Therefore, it is vital that you attach importance to the accuracy of your English. Now you may realize the importance of learning grammar, because with the help of grammar, you will make great progress in your accuracy. For example, if you want to talk with someone about a pet you once had, but you keep talking about it in present simple tense. You make people think you still have that pet by mistake while the fact may be that your pet has long gone. Secondly, another function of grammar is to make sure that you have a correct comprehension of what people say or write. Many English learners have difficulty in understanding long and complicated sentences. Sometimes, they actually know every word in those sentences, but they still can’t figure out what those sentences mean. This situation sometimes has something to do with their poor grammar. They don’t think grammar is important or useful, so they choose to give up grammar. And eventually they will have to pay the price for their unwise choice. Difficult grammar points are very likely to be used in long and complicated sentences. With a sound grammar sense, you will be able to under them without difficulty. Thirdly, learning grammar can help you speed up your learning. In other words, you can make progress in learning English much more quickly with the help of grammar. When learning English, you may find it quite frustrating sometimes. You are pretty sure you have been studying really hard, memorizing plenty of new words, reading a lot of English books and listening to English materials, but your English hasn’t improved a lot accordingly. That’s probably because you neglect the grammar. You don’t really know how to use the words you have memorized, because you may don’t even know the basic structure of a sentence or word order at all. You can’t say a complete sentence correctly. This will never happen if you learn grammar. With the aid of grammar, you will be able to use the words you have memorized to express yourself, which is so much better than just knowing the pronunciation and the meaning of a word. You will have a sense of accomplishment. And you certainly can sense the great progress you are making. Last but not least, learning grammar can make you realize the difference between English and your mother tongue more clearly, so that you will be able to think in English when speaking English instead of trying to translate everything from your mother tongue to English word by word. Take English learners in China for example. Many Chinese students have trouble in learning how to use tenses correctly. That’ because in English, each verb several different forms(eg. go, goes, going, went, gone)and you have to choose the right form according to the tense, while in Chinese, a verb has only one form. That means talking about an action in Chinese is so much easier than in English. Another difficulty that many Chinese students are faced with is that they don’t know how to put words in correct order. This also lies in the difference of English and Chinese. In Chinese, people usually put time right after the subject, while in English, you can hardly find a sentence whose subject is followed by time. What’s more, there is a huge difference between Chinese and English in word order when it comes to asking questions. A good way to conquer these difficulties is learning grammar. Learning grammar will make realize the differences between English and your mother tongue easily. Then you will realize that you should follow English grammar when speaking English instead of following the rules of your mother tongue.