Teach English in Nanshenzao Zhen - Yancheng Shi

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Many people decide to sign themselves or their children up for English classes. English is a very popular language used in many countries, it has become a global language. Several countries require English to be taught at schools. The knowledge of English can prove very helpful in several everyday situations and can broaden the student’s possibilities. Being able to communicate in English allows people to travel to many destinations and talk to people living there. It can also have a big impact on a student’s future career. In many countries, English is taught to children from a young age. Being able to communicate, write and read in English can open many doors for young people. For example, it can help students get into better schools and many foreign universities in the future. Being able to study abroad is a great opportunity for many, it allows the students to learn how to use the language more fluently and broaden their vocabulary. When studying in English a student can be sure that his/her qualifications will be recognized all around the world. Even when a student decides to go to university in his home country, English can help in classes and during studying. Many academic papers and books are written in English and their understanding is required. Some fields of studies may be quite new and not have much research, knowing a language that is used globally widens the amount of information that students can understand and use. Knowing English at a communicative level can also help when looking for employment. Job options for people who only speak their native language are more limited. In today's world, many employers are searching for people that can speak English, in some cases it may even be required, especially in international companies. Speaking English can give a student a better chance at a secure, well-paid job. It can also help us when we are trying to move up the company ladder. Employers like having someone that can speak to foreign customers or write formal letters and are more likely to give various opportunities to employees who speak English. Many companies hire employees from different countries, being able to speak such a global language gives students the opportunity to network in their workplace. English can play a big role in forming the students' future. If a student feels comfortable with using English they will be more likely to move to an English-speaking country and to get a well-paid job. Living in such a country will improve the students' English and will give them even more opportunities. It also opens doors to many other countries. This can help the students get to know different cultures and be more open-minded when thinking and speaking about them. In the modern world, English is an extremely important language. Approximately 1.5 billion people speak English and it is the official language in 67 countries. It allows us to communicate with people from many different parts of the world. Learning English can have a strong effect on a student’s future career.