Teach English in ShangzhuAng Zhen - Yancheng Shi

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English language is the first and most popular language in the world. It's used in newspapers, internet, medicine, radio, professional training, in diplomacy. People invest a lot of money to study at international colleges, institutes and universities to get different Certificates and Diplomas in English. One to get a job in an international company need to present standard resume with a good level of English . Nowadays students chose to study Business English more than other English, because it’s more related to the language which is used in business contexts, finance, commerce, in international trade and banking, many office settings. It requires particular vocabulary, grammatical structures and clarity. The purpose of Business English is to spread the massage and to get agreement, which requires good skills in English. They are: business letter writing, emails, negotiating, presentations, telephone communication, meeting investors etc. Business English helps people to interact with English speaking companies, communicate and even compete in the market. Now what’s the difference between General English and Business English. Sometimes there is no very much difference, we can use General English in business context, but the other time we need to use the higher level words. It means we need to talk more professionally, formal and we want to create more powerful impression in business situations. And how to change Basic English into Business English? We can do that when we upgrade the General English to Business English. We will do that by looking at different verbs, adjectives, nouns, adverbs, etc. But mostly we do that focusing on some quantity of verbs, which can be used in hundred of ways in different combinations of words, therefore we can use them in different situations, in professional, but also in everyday situations. How to learn Business English well? For a professional, who is looking to improve his Business English, he has to: Set specific goals, which are achievable Create habits-to find ways to practice every day, to make regular efforts Believe in yourself, it means to be more motivated, more willing to do challenging tasks Enjoy the learning experience,-people with more positive attitudes learning English make more than people with negative attitudes. Be creative all the time: watch English movies, listen English songs, read the English version of your favorite book, become the member of English club. And there are twelve study tips for learning Business English fast: Pick a regular time and stick with it Study with others Use it Practice without apology Immerse yourself Keep a journal Set goals Don’t follow just one path Read about topics of interest to you Describe things Focus on being understood, not being right Use technology- there are many sources of English tools like Facebook, YouTube videos and Wikipedia. Regardless of this instructions the most engaging learning comes from your engaging yourself. As an addition I will add that for learning Basic, General or Business English we need to work for our vocabulary to make it rich. The good vocabulary is one of the keys for learning English or any language. And in the end I would like to mention that English is the business language of all the times and the language itself should be studied accurately.