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Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe which is situated on the East and has shared borders with Poland, Russia, Hungary and some other states. Although its location may effect positive to the economic development the situation in this field is still unsatisfied. Therefore the educational system as a part of non-profit components of the budget does not obtain enough money to be as developed as in other places around the word. However, if we talk about problems for learners in Ukraine it is necessary to mention all of them, not just those which are related to finance. To begin with, the biggest issue is the negative heritage left here after the Soviet Union. All pedagogy at that time were developed with the aim of raising a ‘’soviet’’ person who was supposed to be just a part of a system. If this little kid had been taught to think and have their own opinion since childhood it would have caused some problems later when they would have asked some questions about horrible things around. As children had not been taught to think for more than 70 years, it is extremely difficult to change the approach to education nowadays especially including the fact that even after becoming independent some Ukrainians stayed committed to those unhuman system. So the first problem which can be an obstacle for new generation on their way to obtain high-quality education is unpreparedness of their teachers to change the system. The other issue is, as I have mentioned before, the lack of financial support for schools and universities. Most teachers’ salaries are lower than waitress’ in a good restaurant and therefore there is no motivation to work efficiently and to develop new methodology. In addition to this, the students do not see sense in self-education or are too lazy to organize themselves. However, there are some schools currently that are trying to change the system. Firstly, private language centers decided to refuse old ‘’translation’’ system of teaching English and changed it to communicative methodology. It worked well in the beginning but later some other problems appeared, such as outdated books or lack of using cutting-edge technologies while teaching English. So the education and marketing department decided to totally change the approach to education. They wrote their own books which were basically online with some paper versions for those are ‘’old school’’. The usage of QR-codes allowed them to add news, videos, some events as soon as they happen in the world. By doing that, they motivate students, especially teenagers, learn English by themselves as it became interesting for them personally. After that, one of the private language schools for children started using ‘’blended learning’’ system with the access to self-studies via applications and websites. Children became motivated to study by playing games before and discussing interesting topics after the lesson. These were first steps in making the educational system more student-oriented. After that many schools began implementation of such methods. I hope that in nearby future this field will become more developed which can help the country in general to achieve better results in economy.