Teach English in Shi KAifAqu - Yancheng Shi

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The best thing I've learned from my TEFL/TESOL course was being a balanced teacher as well as having a balanced lesson plan. There are many different factors to insist on a specific lesson plan or methodology. Even from my personal experience of learning a foreign language, I have found that when I feel comfortable with the teacher, and the teacher knows my needs, I have had the best results. So when teaching, I plan to use lesson plans as more of an outline. I want to be flexible in changing the lesson plan to fit the students needs. In order to do this I plan to use the needs analysis. The needs analysis is important because it puts the students and teacher on the same page. The needs analysis will give the student an opportunity to put their needs and goals on paper. As a teacher I find that this is crucial in figuring out what the student wants out of the class, as well as what is important to them. Doing this will also help in tailoring the class or assignments to their specific needs. I appreciated how detailed the needs analysis for business purposes in unit 19 was. Knowing exactly what they want they want to be able to do really narrows down what material to cover. The students themselves will be able to see their progress and improvement. I also learned that building rapport with the students is important, especially in a 1 on 1 setting. When I had a tutor, I found it difficult to progress due to the fact that I felt that she seemed cold and judgmental. It was hard for me to participate due to being afraid to fail, or how she would react. That is why being an approachable teacher is so important. Not being afraid to fail will allow the student to participate and use what they have learned without embarrassment. When I finally felt comfortable with a tutor, I found myself using more dialogue and speech to improve. I was also able to accept criticism and direction positively. The course also taught me to be balanced teacher in regard of lesson planning. Planning the course according to Engage, Study and Activate ensures that the class is not overly boring , dull or paper work focused. A balanced lesson should include activities like exercises, worksheets and testing. Jumping right into worksheets and tests will make the students dread future classes. I really feel that Engage phases are crucial in lessons. It allows the students to warm up and prepare for the lesson. In conclusion, this course has helped me to see that learning a new language is as a diverse process and those that are learning it. While lesson plans and material are important, taking into account the students and their needs are crucial. Especially in smaller sized classes or 1 on 1 sessions, the teacher can do their utmost to adjust to the students. By using activities, engage phases and building rapport will help in this endeavor.