Teach English in Tangyang Zhen - Yancheng Shi

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Electronic devices have become a part of any life sphere. It’s impossible to imagine yourself without having any gadget even a single day. So how using gizmos like smartphones and tablets could be beneficial for EFL classes to improve language skills? Use them for personalization! The best way to make students speak to ask personal questions. Nowadays many have a great number of photos, videos of their families, friends, holidays. For example, common tasks like describe your family members, friends could be hold in a different fun way. Ask pairs to show the photos of family members and encourage them to ask the questions from each other, e.g. “Who is she?”, “How old is she?” etc. As a result, both students are involved in the conversation and eager to speak. Motivate your students! Teachers are struggling with doing homework, learning new words, engaging learners into the process. Using technology is one of the solution to this. Many website have developed fun games like Kahoot, Socratic, Quizlet etc., which are fantastic to use for revision, memorizing, motivating and differentiating. So via these apps and educator can develop their own materials or to use ready-made ones to have fun and increase students’ interest to the subject. Economy principle! Do you have lots of paper that was printed and not used then? Teachers waste a great amount of money on paper which is not reused. So share e-handouts with your students, PDF-books, create online testing, economize your money, time, and be eco-friendly. What is more, learners will always have an access to the materials. Also, it's appropriate to mention software as a service here. Nowadays, software as a service is going to be popular, especially it is widely used in education. One of the most famous service is Google Classroom, which fits all teachers and students’ requirements. Its convenience, simplicity, economy and other advantages win the hearts of consumers without explaining their complex device and model philosophy to them. Because everything within can be controlled by tablets or smartphones. Keep an evidence! Some learners sometimes start thinking that they have no progress. Record videos while the process and show them to students while or at the end of the course. It might help them to realize what areas they have to work over and what they have already achieved. Help students with special educational needs! Due to technological breakthrough it has become possible to communicate with people who are unable to speak. For instance, Proloquo2go, an assistive symbol-supported communication app providing a voice to individuals around the world who are unable to speak, is technological support for educators and can lead to great results. Differentiate the process! If you have to teach big classes, there is no other ways like differentiation. They will definitely have multi-level students, so how to make teaching effective for all participants? Use gadgets to access to various podcasts, apps, etc. Take listening as an example. Instead of making everyone to listen the same text, give learners choice to do what they can do, e.g. elementary students listen to simple podcast of their level, while those with higher ones can do more complicated ones. Also both groups can listen, pause, re-listen and do the tasks according to their speed and abilities. So win-win situation as for learners as for educators. To sum up, technology cam make teaching effective to improve language skills , fun and motivating, as well as eco-friendly. Experiment with gadgets, create and see results.