Teach English in Tinghuxinqu - Yancheng Shi

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Teaching a foreign language was always a wanted and needed thing for many generations so far. Learning English has always been a goal for many people worldwide. The learners’ age varies from 4-5 years old to 60 and above. The majority of schools which offer courses have a structured way of dividing their students – by the age and knowledge. But when testing the people – they can sometimes be too tired or overstressed and they could lose some of their knowledge and to complete their test in a worse way than they actually could. This is an example which I’ve met a few times so far, and I truly believe it is possible. Therefore, the students are grouped, changes aren’t possible if the groups are filled, so we don’t have other option than adjusting our lessons and materials (as teachers) for all the students. Of course that’s extra work, hard work, but it is needed if you are a true teacher and if you care about your students’ results, not only for the money you are paid. Conducting such classes could sometimes get out of control – because a teacher must find the balance so that those who are a bit ahead won’t get bored during the class, and those who are a bit slower – would understand everything is taught. Some steps that could be taken in this kind of situation is as I said before – changing the materials. How? What materials could work both for the weaker students and for the strong ones? Well, from my point of view and from my experience, I’ve found it better to teach the material in a very simple way – so that everyone could understand. But when coming to completing exercises or playing, I give them different worksheets, adapted for the difference of their knowledge. It also works for the games and other activities. I’ve divided my class so that they can work as groups between them and not feel uncomfortable. Sometimes I group or pair them in contrast: a strong student with a weaker one. It is good exercise for both, because the strong student can practice not only speaking, for example, but also explaining, while the weaker student can learn to think in English and to practice it in the conversations. But, of course it is also needed to create whole class activities – which seem to be even more interesting than in normal/general situations. The students are more confident and they trust each other more, because they somehow built not a competitive relationship, but more like a supporting one. It gets even harder when there is difference not only in their level of English, but also in their age categories. The techniques which a teacher should get are similar to those described above, but also taking into consideration that two categories should be covered. The games would be more various, as well as the exercises. But I am sure that a balance could be found here, too. Because in the end, we are all people and it is a pleasure and it is magic to work with people. I think that this course opened different doors to me, because there are a lot of points that I took into consideration. About lesson planning, testing, organising, and so on. Also I’ve taken notes of the advices I was given about future jobs or ideas for the jobs.