Teach English in Xiangshui Zhen - Yancheng Shi

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#2 Learning Teaching Skills Mario Lopez 03/13/2020 Before starting this course, I had already been volunteering to teach Theological courses for some years. So, on my commencement of the course I imagined that it would an easy process because of my previous experience. However, I was wrong. The truth is Experience is not the same as Learning teaching skills. It becomes very evident when you think of a classroom of 5-8 years of age. I can imagine the classroom where the students become bored, sleepy and even become agitated. How important it is to obtain this vital information which one could consider strategies in order to handle all the circumstances in which a Teacher needs to act in order to maintain their attention and provide a good environment for learning. I also need to learn the teaching skills that others have experienced and have now been added as part of this education Because I may be teaching in another part of the world who have different customs, different ideas, different moral views. So important it is to be taught to read up and learn all we can of the country we intend to go to. It is also important to learn of the use signaling with the hands. All this is important because very easily one could unintentionally offend someone. As an example, in Asia it is important not to put your hand on someone’s head or point with your feet. I just found that out, which now prepared me not only for a trip to Asia but for friends that I have from Asia. Now the learning of Teaching skills also includes the way to use teaching materials that are available or ones that can be made by myself. The lesson on teaching young students was very helpful with this, It gave me a lot of information that I can use , it showed me many types of worksheets, many websites where I can obtain pages that can be colored with crayons and learn at the same time, I love how we can transform a board game such as Monopoly or Battleship and convert it as a way to play and learn at the same time. We can also use songs, music, magazines and holidays. But, one the most important Teaching skills and necessary along with the skills to make the students feel at ease, Is the importance of preparation not only knowing the information I am going to use but to Teach it in a way that makes sense and instills confidence in me as a Teacher and the students in that their learning is taken seriously. That’s why I can appreciate the importance of being taught the skill of producing a well thought out lesson plan. The lesson plan is important. It lets me know what we have covered and I can even make notes on it mentioning what students needed help on certain subjects. It allows me to see how balanced the days’ lesson is so we can follow the ESA teaching system. There obviously is a lot more that I can say but I won’t. I just hope that what I have written down here greatly expresses my gratitude for your help in “Learning Teaching Skills”