Teach English in Xituan Zhen - Yancheng Shi

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There was a time when I was unable to stay in one place for a long period of time. I was self-diagnosed with the travel bug, and there seemed to be no cure in sight. I bounced around different parts of Europe, and Brazil trying to make money as I went along, but that was much easier said than done in most countries. I did not have a college degree or any significant certifications, so my options were very limited, and there is a good chance that a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate could have greatly improved my chances of finding work. When I lived in Dublin, Ireland I attempted to teach some non-native English speakers at a hostel that I was living at, but that was short lived as I didn’t really know what I was doing, and it showed in the lessons that I attempted to give them. I did not have a plan, or materials to help those who were looking at me for guidance: needless to say it was a difficult experience, and I often thought about that experience while I was going through this TEFL course. Then there was my experience with teaching conversational English with business professionals in Sao Paolo, Brazil. If I would have taken the TEFL course before attempting to teach those lessons. I would have had a better approach; then trying to talk one on one, with them for an hour, sometimes up to two hours. I had no idea it was going to be as difficult as it was, and if I would have had the TEFL course training: I could have walked into these lessons with a better approach. I could have created a survey, or had some of these games among the other suggested activities in order to keep them engaged; while I was taking notes to have a lesson plan prepared for my next session with this student. I firmly believe that if I would have taken the time to complete this TEFL course before setting off on either adventure (Brazil or Europe,) I would have been better prepared. I would have utilized the information within the unit lessons such as, the internet links to learning materials, the various fun activities, dictionary websites, and most importantly the much needed refresher in grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure. Any of these elements would have made an immediate impact in a positive way towards my confidence, in preparing a lesson plan that had better chance of helping my students. There was a lot of good information within each one of these lessons. Yes, there were a few frustrating lessons; especially at the beginning, but that was mostly because it has been so long since I had my grammar or vocabulary knowledge questioned. I was kicked in the brain, but thanks to those frustrating moments: I will be purchasing some grammar books; so I can be as prepared as possible for whatever students I obtain in the future, and it is all thanks to this TEFL course. I believe this course is a positive move for anyone before they travel to a foreign country, just in case they decide to stay and work as an English teacher, they can learn from TEFL, and from my mistakes; teaching English is not something a person can just do because they feel like it. There is no doubt about that for me, but now I believe TEFL has given me some positive tools, and it is up to me to utilize them in helping those learn this complicated language.