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Grammar is important because it is a major feature of our verbal and written communication and allows us to understand our information clearly. Using the correct grammar makes listening and reading easier for others and makes the communication process more enjoyable. Improper use of grammar can cause unclear messages, it will affect our ability to communicate, and hinder relationship building. Grammar also helps children to learn in more interesting ways of communicating and presenting information, thereby expanding their vocabulary. Grammar can be used not only in English, but also in any language to name the types of words and word groups that make up a sentence. I believed that by teaching children different grammar components, their writing and language skills will develop faster. Grammar also helps children expand their vocabulary by helping them develop more interesting ways of expressing information. In having a good grammar skill, it will have a positive impact on other area of study such as thinking skills, expressive skills, attention and concentration, story-telling skills and language comprehensive. By encouraging the use of grammar throughout education, young people can also better adapt to the work environment in their future time. In my opinion, if children don't learn how to use the right grammar, they may experience difficulties in many areas such as education, personal life and even their future work. A poor grammar may lead to difficulties in understanding complex reading exercise. Without the proper grammar, children will be misunderstood frequently. Beside of this, without learning a proper grammar, children will be having problem in writing essay and completing written of exam or work. Without a proper grammar learning, children unable to comprehending complex text materials. As an educator, we should always develop good grammar in our student’s daily life. We should always encourage them to correct their mistakes so that they are more willing to say what they mean. For example, if a student told you “Me want drink water.” As an educator we should encourage them to correct he/she mistake to “I want to drink water.” Throughout the encouragement and correction, students will learn a proper grammar. Teacher also may encourage students learn grammar through play. During play time, lets the children express their feeling. Beside of this, reading together is also another way to improve student’s language skills. Nursery rhymes have become a prominent feature of everyone's childhood. Stories and books are also equally important for language development. In language classrooms, stories contain several key components to enhance language learning. They present real language in context, and often provide a lot of visual support to match text and repetitive. When teacher choosing a story book for students, try to choose a book that have picture to help students to understand the language on the page. After the story, teacher may ask students to write or read a summary of stories, let them identify key verb phrases or target languages, and let them check what they write based on what they have on the whiteboard. Lastly, consider the benefits of an afterschool enrichment plan to improve student’s language skills. Teacher may plan some enrichment class that will help children to enhance their language. So, for me learning grammar is important for children. If some children really having some difficulty in learning grammar, parents may seek help from speech therapy. Speech therapist they can encourage the enjoyment of literature because the child will better understand what they are reading. Finally, grammar is very important it is because children will be having poor social interaction skills as their speech sounds immature for their age. In conclusion, just as rules are necessary in everyday life, grammatical rules are essential for clarity of meaning and intention.