Teach English in Zhenghong Zhen - Yancheng Shi

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I was born into a poor family in the rural area in the middle of Vietnam, where everyone knew everybody else in the village. People hardly went out of the village, not even to the nearby provinces, let alone going to another country. However, from my childhood, I have been dreaming about going abroad to work and earn money and get a better life. But because of my family conditions, I had to work and earn money instead of studying and pursuing my dream. Nevertheless, I have never stopped dreaming and by completing the ESL online course I can make my dream come true Online ESL provides more opportunities for many people with an accessible price. Before enrolling, I always thought that it would be expensive to pay for the training cost. Yet this study experience has changed my mind about this aspect. The cost for the course was reasonable so I did not have to pay a lot of money to enroll for this course. Designed for online studying, this course gave me a chance to study at my own time and space. I could study the course from anywhere, anytime with either my smartphone, laptop or I could print out the material and study without having to bring smart devices. Because it was online and flexible I could still work and study at the same time without any difficulty at all. Apart from these advantages, with a maximum duration of 6 months, I had plenty of time to finish the course. I am hoping with an ESL certificate I will be able to fulfill my dream of working abroad as an English teacher because it is accepted worldwide. Traveling to another country also gives me a good chance to learn about the cultures of that country. I always believed that every culture has its uniqueness and it is always fascinating to learn about it. So I think with an ESL certificate I will be able to teach English abroad and at the same time learn new things about the cultures I am living in. Before enrolling for ESL, I was already a part-time English teacher but I was never sure of what I was teaching. I was never formally trained as an English teacher so I had little knowledge of how to teach English professionally. Previously I learned to speak and write English as a student of the language. Now, this ELS teaching course has given me the training of how to become a teacher of the language Even if I do not want to teach English in the future, this ESL certificate will provide me proof of my English level. Therefore, it will enable me to get a better job in a good company and even an international company. In conclusion, I think enrolling in this SL online course was one of the best decisions I had made in 2019. Last year was one of the toughest years in my life for me despite this, enrolling for ESL TEFL had brightened it up. This certificate will no doubt give me other options and opportunities, it will also help me to be successful as well as fulfilling’s childhood dream.