Teach English in Yangzhou Shi

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Teach English in Liubao Zhen, Yangzhou Shi
Another very interesting tense bringing in present tenses used for future events/actitivities and the fine line between the future simple and going to be tense make the future tenses rather complex
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Teach English in Liuji Zhen, Yangzhou Shi
The future tense can be the most difficult to understand for students that are learning English and this unit will help me, while teaching it, to make it as clear as possible when explaining the differences between the different future tenses
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Teach English in Luduo Zhen, Yangzhou Shi
The future tenses unit was a little longer than I had expected but it was interesting getting more in depth with the relations, especially including some present tense review
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Teach English in Putou Zhen, Yangzhou Shi
In this unit, I have completely comprehended how I can teach my students new words, grammatical structures and the ideas of a foreign language in a classroom
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Teach English in WujiAn Zhen, Yangzhou Shi
This unit focuses on the types of the Future tense as Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous, Going to future, Present Simple and Present Continuous and their use
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