Teach English in Caodian Zhen - Yangzhou Shi

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If you’re a teacher, regardless of the subject you teach, you need to do everything possible to win your students’ hearts and minds. When they are distracted by grammatical errors or confused by the meaning of a sentence, they aren’t likely to truly respect you. They will surely try their best to distract you or trouble others in the class. There may be other reasons too for the disruptive behaviour of the students in the class. Usually the teacher is the one who should be able to control all of this. There are various ways in which a teacher can engage students, especially the fidgety ones. Few of them are as follows: Engage: something that interests the child so that they are involved in the task. Ask them to write, draw, make anything that interests them. They can do these activities as soon as they are done with their work. The activities to engage them are: 1) Meaningful Engaging - Making mind map / taking notes / class display of what is being taught. 2) Word list - Make them a scribe / writer and you play speakers role. 3) Physical restless child needs to be given physical release to run errands and move around a lot. 4) Students make worksheets for drilling practice and we publish the same for others in the class. These activities will surely keep the students busy and focused in the class. But here, the teacher also has to be very vigilant enough. She needs to identify the need of an individual child and then assign them the tasks. Temper is the other thing that a teacher has to work on. They need to filter before they speak. There can be the times when children are actually testing the patience of the teacher. They need to put ice on their head and work. Certain ways in which they can work with children can be called as apps. Discussing few apps below: 1. Use dramatics - this implies for the students who are disengaged unknowingly. By dramatising, a teacher can bring them back to what’s happening in the class. Some dramatising actions could be like sudden tap, counter question them, go close to them and speak to shock them to be with you. Each time have a different shock. This will surprise them each time. 2. Shaming them - this app can be used only when you are high on your EBA account. EBA - emotional bank account is very much required to establish the rapport between student and the teacher. Dramatise to shame someone else by putting them down in mass. When the students witness this, they would try to avoid such situation and follow the class. 3. Mental creation - use this for someone whois a core hard nut to crack. You are changing something intrinsic so it is a slow process. You need to give strategies to handle their own emotions. Pre-talks are needed to be done in one on ones. 4. Know your children - identify the students who are extremely knowledgable. Pair them with the ones who require help or reminders. Don’t let the ones who know answer first every time. Let the class ponder with wrong answers too. But then the teacher has to strike a balance here. Cannot randomly let the same thing happen every time. Ask the pairs to tap the partner to give reminder to be with the class or make them a scribe for the teacher. 5. Recognising and appreciating self discipline - trading different set of rules for different people and differentiation is one way to individualise the learning. More students centric brings in uniformity in approach always. This removes the anxiety in students and will establish a consistent culture. The rules are to be maintained in class as visual aid. The teacher also has to be consistent enough to give consequences. One flaw and the reigns are loosened. Keeping the motivational chart visible will let the students to mark themselves and will help them to be socially acceptable by the class. The teacher is the moulder who can mould a students’ life in their own way. You can call them influencer too. Discourage the lack of self discipline in the class. Make sure that you do this by not shaming the person in front of the whole class. By doing this, the students may become stubborn and rigid or, changes as they respect your stringiness. Build good EBA for they need to have total trust on the teachers from whom they are learning. Hence, building the classroom conducive for learning is very important. This can be done when the teacher is well planned and ready for differentiation work. Make sure you utilise all the multiple intelligences to cater to the individual needs.