Teach English in Cheluo Zhen - Yangzhou Shi

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English is the second most spoken language in the world. English is widely used in mass communication, multinational companies, throughout the internet and in many other ways. For these reasons, many countries have integrated the study of English into their education systems. Therefore, in this generation, English has already and will continue to have a tremendous influence on a student's future career. English builds confidence. Being able to use English in both writing and speaking can boost a student's confidence in the workplace or at school. Many school books, technology/gadget's manuals, directories, and news sources are written in English. Thus a student or employee who can access and use these materials at their school or workplace is more likely to be confident than those who can not understand them. English provides opportunities. Companies, whether local or international, often put English literacy as one of their job qualifications for hiring employees. Thus, applicants who have invested their time to study English have an edge to be hired for these kinds of opportunities. Moreover, many schools and universities also offer scholarships, and one of their criteria in choosing deserving students is English ability, those who have knowledge in using the English language are more likely to receive scholarships and be accepted into schools. Moreover, those employees who are good at both writing and speaking English will have the tendency to be consider for promotions over those who did not study English. Knowledge of the English language can help you be safe. Companies and schools may send some of their representatives to other countries for some business or work related reasons. Even if the country that they were sent to is not an English speaking country most of their directories will often be translated to English. Those employees or students who are sent will have to understand basic directories and signage in order to survive. They will also have to interact with locals in English to get to their important destinations with fewer hassles. English is also one of the major languages for socialization. There are many opportunities to be involved in an international gathering, conference or meeting. With these kinds of gatherings, English will be the most common language used for interactions. People who cannot speak English will be hesitant to socialize. They might tend to step back, away from the group and may look or feel awkward. While those who knows how to speak English or who have studied it before are more likely to be confident in these kinds of social activities. English language helps an individual to explore the world. A non-native speaker who studied English before has a choice to explore abroad. If he/she is a student, he/she can consider to apply for scholarships abroad. If he/she is looking for an employment, then he/she will have an option to apply for local or foreign employment. There are many more ways English could influence a student's future career. English can help build a student's career. It maybe his or her stepping stone for employment or scholarship. English Language is a necessity and an advantage in our world today.