Teach English in Daqiao Zhen - Yangzhou Shi

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English is indeed a global language. It is a lucrative skill to be fluent in English, or even to know enough to “ just get by.” For that reason, there are teachers, classes and schools dedicated simply to teaching English to students for “specific purposes,” thus the acronym. “ESP.” In my country, there are special classes for Spanish, because of the high Spanish-speaking population. These classes have special purposes, such as medical, business, language learning, and more. Such is the case for ESP classes for English language learners; communication is vital in our globalized world. Another word for ESP is “Business English.” That is because the language used when doing business is of utmost importance when crossing international borders. Business English, however, can vary in its meaning. When I travel to another country to which I do not speak the language, it is comforting when shop owners, hotel managers, and air stewardesses speak some English. For a shop owner, merchant, or anyone who works in the retail or customer service industry, it is in their best interest to know and learn the English commonly used in their field. This is because, if they are able to effectively communicate with people in English, the global language, then they are more likely to bring in business, and also enrich their lives. Airlines often require pilots and stewardesses to speak English if it is not their native language, because it is so necessary when travelling. I recently flew from Istanbul to Ankara, Turkey on Pegasus Airlines. All of the announcements on my flight were in both Turkish and English. It is in the best interest of airlines to cater to people from all backgrounds. Not to mention, people often get anxious about flying, so if there is a flight attendant to comfort someone in a language they understand, it is a fantastic customer service experience. The goal of ESP classes and learning English for specific purposes is clear communication. A person may need English for working reasons, and not to watch television, discuss philosophical topics, or anything of the like. Therefore, an ESP class will teach the student exactly and only what they need to succeed in whatever field they operate in. A business man or woman may need to know how to talk about trade, money, transactions and dates. Therefore, the English class he or she enrolls in will teach these specific skills. A doctor, nurse, or even an anesthesiologist may need medical English to work or teach in a place where English is spoken. There is something more comforting and intimate about being able to communicate with your doctor rather than having to use a translator. Small areas of the English language may be taught to professionals who need it to work abroad. This is important, because it connects our ever-expanding world, and enriches our knowledge and culture. ESP classes are quite valuable because they allow teachers to adapt lessons to the needs of students. A general ESL class may be overloaded with information that someone learning English for business reasons may not need. Before teaching an ESP class, or to an individual client, we conduct a questionnaire to determine exactly what skills are needed, and the level a prospective student or client is currently at. From the answers received in this questionnaire, we can structure lesson plans to best impart the skills needed on a client. In conclusion, ESP classes are vital, as they short circuit communication that may normally be a hassle for someone who does not speak English. If someone learns English for a specific purpose, they will be more independent, and not need a translator. Effective communication in our digitalized and globalized age is more valuable than gold!