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Introduction The United States has an effective program that selects highly qualified teachers by sustaining an efficient management workforce team. Through talent selection, States and school districts develop a workforce that manages individual talent and careers (U.S. Department of Education, n.d.). Although the initial workforce has qualified teachers, the U.S. Department of Education reveals that current practices neglect professional and career development and fails at identifying career paths for individual teachers. Therefore, this affects sustaining talent in the teaching sector, and it produces job losses in the first three years in the United States by 25% and up to 45% within the first five years (Watt, 2014). Although there are initial separations from the profession, professional development programs assist in educating and enhancing teacher's professional goals that provide carer enrichment (Learn.Org, n.d.). Long term employment and teacher satisfaction could be accomplished by initiating teacher preparation programs, invest in ongoing professional development programs, and establish a long-term evaluation system (U.S. Department of Education, n.d.). Teacher Preparation Programs Teacher preparation is essential for the development of quality teachers who can educate students to learn. The best teacher-preparation program consists of becoming a subject matter expert on course work within the classroom, with the assistance of an experienced mentor (Edutopia, 2008). It is essential to support beginning teachers because it influences positive behavior and mitigates the risk of losing teachers within the first five years of employment. Quality mentoring increases success for individuals, creates opportunities, increases salaries, and retains highly qualified employees (Abbajay, 2019). Ongoing Professional Development Ongoing professional development programs are critical for new teachers as well as veteran teachers. A relationship such as this should be encouraged to keep teachers current with technology advancements, curriculum improvements, that support student learning (Edutopia, 2008). With the importance of retaining teachers, many states mandate the teachers to engage in professional development workshops. These workshops consist of various forms of study, conferences, and education courses that are provided by colleges and professional associations (Learn.Org, n.d.). In the end, professional development is used to support career advancements, increase salary, retain, and improve skills learned. Long-Term Evaluation System Teacher preparation and sourcing is vital for the development of teacher development. Through the investment of programs, teachers can gain experiences that benefit the institution (U.S. Department of Education, n.d.). The institution could utilize these newly established skills and expertise as a return of investment, which could benefit both parties. To support both parties' interests, State and institutions even the playing field by sourcing evaluating systems to identify highly effective teachers, retain the most qualified, place highly skilled teachers where needed, and reward overachievers. Therefore, two long-term estimating methods used are The New Teacher Project (TNTP) and the Urban Teacher Residency United (UTR) systems. The TNTP is a model that concentrates on highly effective teachers, recruits, trains, and places teachers in schools that have the attention of the institution. On the contrary, the UTR is a year-long residency that integrates the classroom apprenticeship that aligns with graduate-level course work. Conclusion In summary, teacher career development is essential to the institution in hopes that highly skilled students are educated and accomplished. While there is a desire for individuals to pursue teaching positions, studies have revealed that teachers seek other interests within the first five years of employment. To retain highly skilled teachers, the institution must establish long-term career development programs. Through mentorship and preparation programs, ongoing professional development, and long-term evaluation programs, teachers will be able to receive essential training, which will benefit the institution by earning a return on investment. In the end, well-developed teachers whose institutions invest time and energy will remain in place and will work in a job that they love.   References Abbajay, M. (2019, January 24). Mentoring matters Three essential elements of success. Retrieved from Edutopia. (2008, March 17). Why is teacher development important?: Because students deserve the best. Retrieved from Learn.Org. (n.d.). What Is Professional Development. Retrieved from U.S. Department of Education (n.d.). 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