Teach English in Hengjing Zhen - Yangzhou Shi

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Good qualities in a teacher are a big factor in the overall dynamics of a classroom, and can contribute significantly not only to student satisfaction and learning, but to the teacher’s own satisfaction with his or her work. Additionally, within each teaching category, teachers learn to cultivate qualities that help propel a classroom to learn that specific topic. English teachers specifically, need various qualities to accomplish this task. A few that are essential are patience, sympathy, and diligence. When teaching English, there are various challenges that could arise. As the English language is full of specific rules and meanings, among other things, that could be a challenge for students to grasp, it can be difficult for someone to get it across to students successfully. The potential difficulties of the English language, coupled with other potential issues in the classroom, could make a teacher’s job frustrating, especially when results take a while to show. Teaching English tenses is an example of this. There are numerous tenses in the English language; past, present, future, and even more subdivisions within those three. It can be hard for a teacher, fluent in English, to keep track of all of those, how much more so for a language learner! On top of this difficult lesson, a teacher may have to simultaneously handle unfavorable classroom dynamics, like disruptions or inattention. Hence the teacher may feel burdened instead of satisfied, especially if the class lags in showing they are grasping the concept. This is why it is important for an English teacher to demonstrate patience. Good results will not be evident overnight, but will require time. Hence, a teacher does well to recognize this fact and not feel disappointed or frustrated when desired results are not soon noticed. Patient work pays off, and students will eventually learn, a teacher just needs to believe that and focus on the progress that is being made. Sympathy is also an important quality for an English teacher. When one is able to sympathize with others, one is naturally drawn to know them better, to care fore them genuinely, and to truly care about their growth in the language. Students sense this care when it is genuine, this is human instinct. It can be so rewarding to build this kind of warm rapport with others, and this in turn leads to smooth classroom dynamics and teacher student relationships. A teacher will feel so much more satisfied with their own work when they have this human connection to their students. Also, many English teachers find themselves teaching English to people of different backgrounds, countries, and nationalities. Though on the surface differences seem stark, they are not divisive, but interesting and enriching. A teacher needs sympathy though, to be able to put him or herself in the shoes of another and envision life through their eyes, and come to a heartfelt appreciation for their culture. A teacher working in a foreign country or teaching English to non-Americans probably has some appreciation for other cultures, but this can continue to grow if they cultivate this quality of sympathy. Diligence is another vital quality in an English teacher. Teaching in general is not an easy job, there is so much to get across to students, in hopes that they will successfully grasp. To help them achieve this in the limited time provided, a teacher must be very organized and well-prepared. Showing up to class without a gameplan will not ensure that all that needs to be taught is covered. The more diligent a teacher is in effectively preparing lessons, the more students will be engaged, the more they will personally enjoy teaching, and the more they will personally grow as teachers, especially if they are careful about continually bettering their own skills. Teaching English can be a very rewarding career; enriching and satisfying. However, to do it successfully, a teacher must be patient in expecting results. They must also be able to sympathize in order to build rapport with their students in order to make classroom dynamics enjoyable. Finally, diligence in preparing ensures growth and satisfaction of the students m, but also of the teacher.