Teach English in Xihu Zhen - Yangzhou Shi

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a)Future simple--1.facts n certainties 2.promises 3.predictions(NO present evidence) 4.assumptions 5.spontaneous decisions(decisions made AT the time of speaking) 6.threats b) Future continuous-- 1. sth. Will be in progress at a certain future moment 2.predict the present or guess what might be happening now 3.polite requires 4. fixed or decided future events c) Future perfect--1.sth will have been finished or achieved by a certain time in the future. -i’ll have been finished my work by next Monday. d) Future perfect continuous--1.how long sth will have continued by a certain time. -by July, I’ll have been living my present apartment for 1 yr. e) ‘Going to’ future-- 1.intentions. -I’m not going to quit job. 2.predictions: based on present evidence. -it’s going to to rain this evening. 3. plans (BEFORE the time of speaking=planned decisions). -I’m going to Turkey in Sep.