Teach English in GAojiAyan Zhen - Yichng Shi

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There are many reasons for why children and adults should learn English as a second language, either by going to English classes in school, or by taking the time to acquire the skill by taking a course or learning by yourself. In most people’s eyes it is always an advantage, and a goal, to learn a second language in order to communicate with more people. It is not only in the world of travel or in an international setting that speaking English is important, but it is more and more important to have on your resume when applying for jobs. For some job advertisements it can even be requirement and a precondition for whether you will be considered as a relevant applicant for the job. English is one of the most used second languages, and the most commonly used when communicating across countries and nationalities for business purposes. The world is becoming more international, and through internet and increased migration, it is normal to have employees or collaborations with people who come from different countries. Therefore, there is not only a chance that you will need English if you plan to apply for a job overseas, but you will most likely also encounter new colleagues or clients at the workplace in your own country, that won’t be able to communicate in your native language. This is where your English skill will influence your future career possibilities, because it will tell the employer on what level you are able to manage this situation with success. The situation that I am describing is not only for businesspeople, or jobs that require a higher level of education, but in any job where you will interact with colleagues or clients/customers. Your work will be dependent on socializing and cooperating with other people, and with the skill of speaking English will therefore make you more attracting on paper than the people who do not possess this skill. We can therefore say that learning how to speak English will influence a student’s life, and future career prospects, in a way that it will increase his/her possibilities. Having an extra language skill, such as English, opens many more possibilities when it comes to communication and cooperation on an international level. Most people are in a setting where work situations are also about building a strong connection or relationship with colleagues or clients, because the service or project they manage requires it. In some organizations there are also people who only speak English, and your ability to speak English will therefore say something about your capability to integrate and adjust in the new work environment, and around your colleagues. That is why most companies are hiring people that can read, speak and understand English. Another aspect that makes you more desirable with English as a second language is the potential you have to gain new knowledge and learn new things as well as discussing and sharing information. Most information is accessible in English, work courses, the internet, social media etc. and teamwork and brainstorming are used methods for reaching innovative and creative solutions but with predetermination that you can communicate with the group.