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Lesson planning is really important and necessary for teachers. Lesson plans provide an organized basis for teacher to refer to during the lesson so that they may teach in a structured manner. The teacher thinks and organizes the activities logically according to the appropriate amout of time. It helps teacher to focus on each specific part of the lecture and still control the time. Lesson plans help teachers predict possible stuation and solve them without wasting time. Additionally, preparation would allow the teacher to monitor the class easier and better themselves as instructors. Teacher are constantly reaching to develop their abilities and make the class more lively. The teacher will be more respected by the student when instructor actually has everything planned out for class and appears to know what he/she is doing. That makes him/her seems more competent. In recent years there has been more emphasis upon “teacher – centred” lessons, as opposed to “teacher-centred”. The reality is that some stages of a lesson will be more centred on the teacher and others will be very much more centred on the students. This will largely be dictated by the type of activity concerned. If we are able to make these changes appropriately our effectiveness as teachers will be greatly enhanced. On my pinion, lesson plans help teaches clearly indetify their role in each activity the teacher is the center in conducting the activities. We have to be careful not to take the initiative away from the student. Lastly, lesson plans provide a record of what we taught and what we need to teach still. They allow us to see what students have learned and what needs improvement. Also, through lesson plans we follow step by step the lecture process so that others can replace us if needed. Further, they will have a nutural respect for us when they see how hard we work. LESSON PLAN Teacher: Ha Thuy Trang Obsener: n/a Date and time: 20/9/2019 Class level: Beginer Room: 6 Expected number of student: 12 Language poin: Consolidation of daily roretine vocab from previos lesson to bring out new grammar Teaching aids: Picture of daily routine, board and pens, word card, exercise sheets Learner objective: Learn about using the present simple tense for habits and routines Personal aims: To improve my instruction by demonstrating rather tan using verbal instructions/ Anticipated problems for student: Pronunciation of “s” and “es” Solution: Drilling and mouth diagrams Anticipated problems for teacher: Getting students to participate actively Solution: Fun activate phase activity Procedure Phase Timing Enteraction Quick review of daily routine vocab_brainstorm and use picture and drawings Engage 5 mins T-S Ask student question, e.g. What do you do in the morning? Do you play soccer every afternoon? How often do you shopping? Where? Etc. 5 mins Study 7 mins T-S What do you do in your free time? Ask another: “What does he/she do in his/her free time? Use the answers on the board to show difference in spelling. Highlight contracted the base form plus an “_s” ending (for third person singular subjects) Drill pronunciation, with attention to s, z, iz, sound in “_s”; “_es” 3 mins T-S Fill in the blank activity (in pairs) Example: She___up. She____her face. This is what she does when she___ up in the morning; etc. 5 mins T-S Feedback from above activity 3 mins T-S Look at typical verbs of daily routine (eg: wake up/ brush/wask/comb….etc) that weren’t known Put students into groups of two. Teacher copies blank sheets on the board. Activate 1 2 mins T-S The teachers give each group a magnet fishing rob Divide each group with some of word card that have magnet attached. The students’s task is to use fishing rob fish word cards on the floor and paste it in the appropriate space on the board. The group that completes sentences first gets win 12 mins T-S Teachers show a time of day then ask students to describe what they usually do at the time. They should produce structures such as I……. at 6:00 am; I…….. in the afternoon, then teacher ask another to retell his/her activities. 6 mins T-S Back up activity if time allows. Students listen a song about daily routine. Then use mime to simulate actions in song Activate 2 7 mins T-S Teacher give a story work sheet for student, ask him/her fill the blank Homework 2 mins S-S