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Grammar is not only about vocabulary and sentence structure, but also can improve our communication and ability of logical thinking. Some people always ask a question that what is the point of learning grammar? Foreigners never learn grammar, but they speak better English than us when they travel abroad. Also nowadays, more and more young students go abroad to further their study. Most of them worry that they can't understand what the teacher says or they can't communicate with foreigners. It is true that listening and speaking are very important, but you can’t understand English textbooks only by these. We didn't study in the United States, so we think it's one-sided that Americans don't study grammar. As an English learner, I don’t agree the idea of grammar is useless. There are three misunderstanding about grammar. Misunderstanding one, thinking that memorizing grammar rules is boring and refused to know the terminology. Misunderstanding two: grammar is not important and it does not affect spoken English. Misunderstanding three: foreigners don't pay attention to grammar when they speak English. And they don't study grammar. A child is born and grows up, parents teach children word by word and constant correction lead natural internalization of the child's correct language structure and order. So it is natural for us to master our mother tongue without any difficulty. Learning to speak, as a child is not taught grammar. While, Chinese children learn English only in a few hours in a day in school, one teacher need to speak with so many children, each child can say a few words in a class, they peak a few words a day, if they say wrong, there will be no parents and teachers timely correction every time every minute. For this reason, English language structure and thought of English cannot be internalized in the minds of Chinese children. At the same time, there is the rejection of the structural sequence of Chinese. Three essential requirements for learning a language are teacher’s correct guidance, student’s persevere efforts and good learning resources. Grammar still needs to be studied well. Although grammar does not mean how good the person’s English is, but if it is not good, the depth of English is definitely impossible to achieve. Grammar has three functions. First, making sure that everyone expresses themselves correctly. Second, making your language more advanced. Third, making sure that you understand exactly what the other person is saying. We can improve grammar by accumulating in learning English and culture communication, but only learn grammar is wrong. After all, you need to know what the grammar is. Correct grammar can simplify your information, also the simple sentence can convey a lot of information and even contains multiple meaning. It is too short that Chinese students have been learning English, so by studying grammar we can master some language rules and avoid making some mistakes. Knowing these are the basis of learning grammar, what is a verb, the direct object, the indirect object, and what is the subject-predicate and so on. Listening and speaking are most important to communicate with people. So many people pay special attention to spoken English and pronunciation. Good oral English will give people a very intuitive first impression and increase others impression. If it's just basic communication, very basic grammar will enough. If you want to take English to the next level, you need to study grammar carefully.