Teach English in Songyikuangqu - Yichng Shi

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Teaching is itself a challenging task when it comes to teaching a beginner student. If the student is and adult or young the challenge might be there. There are means and methods of overcoming such challenges for both the teacher and the student. 1.Analysis test The teacher must firstly prepare an analysis test for the student to know the level of his/her understanding. If he is at beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced. But as in our case if its beginner then the teacher needs to plan the lesson as well accordingly. 2.Students behavior Understanding the behavior of a student is also important when it comes to teaching beginner students. How they are reacting to the understanding of the lesson? Are they interested to gain knowledge ? How can we as teachers increase their vocabularies? 3.Lesson plan Planning the lesson as per the level of understanding , choosing much easier topic in the beginning and then continue to increase the difficulty level. Lesson plans should be easy to understand and should be divided with stages of engage, study and activate . Keeping it simple and to the topic should be the main motive while preparing lesson plan. 4 .Developing materials Materials like flash cards, easy passage, writing and readying comprehensions as per the level of the student. 5.Create interactive class. Helping the students to speak more in class should one of the major goals for any teacher. They should be given an open plat form to discuss and interact with the class and the teacher. This can done by arranging some essay reading, or speech , a conversation between two students with given situation, etc. 6. Experience for teachers Teaching beginner kids can be challenging but help gain more experience in the field of teaching. Why should the teachers be more attentive to beginner students? Beginner students normally are shy or they may hesitate to ask question or speak in class. They may hesitate that if they say something wrong it will prove to be embracing. So to let them blend in the environment, teachers must keep an interactive session among students . Teachers must not pick out every small mistakes as this can make the enthusiasm of the students little lower. Teachers can talk to them after class and advice them to what all can they do to improve. What are the methods and techniques for teaching beginner students? 1.Using the review technique In every repeat what's been taught in the previous one for the start of 15-20 min to brush up the previous lesson . As sometimes the beginner students may not remember what's been taught. 2.Make a vocabulary journal. Allow the students to make a journal for all the new words they listen or write . So that they know the meaning and can apply in the future. 3.Technology implementation. Teachers can guide students with necessary material relating to some videos and graphics which can be useful for the students. Listening to audio and residing with it can also prove to be beneficial . 4.Engage them. Teachers need to keep the students engaged so that they are always interested to respond . If the topic is least interesting and they start feeling bored the lesson will be of no use. One of the ways to make lesson engaging is by preparing some fun games or worksheets or tasks which involves competition and interaction between groups. To summaries it teaching beginner students is very important because they are the foundation for the teachers carrier and by that only can a teacher build up a good understanding among the students.