Teach English in Xiakou Zhen - Yichng Shi

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This summative task topic personally attracted me due to my very recent experience with teaching. To begin with, I, myself is a 22 year old fresh university graduate in Hong Kong who undertook Business Marketing. To add to that, I also planned on pursuing a career in the business industry. During my university days, I would take up different kind of part-time jobs for two simple reasons; to make use of my skills and hobbies and earn some cash from it. These hobbies included babysitting, arts & crafts and more. Just in the beginning of this year, I came across a post from someone in need of a part-time English playgroup teacher that does not just offer an attractive salary but also an attractive job description. I got the job right away, presumably due to my exceeding amount of enthusiasm during the interview. I started the job after a week of rigorous training and fell in love with it. As the only teacher in that specific branch, I learnt a lot of things on my own. I learnt to control a class of children from ages 3 years and younger, learnt the importance of advanced class planning and the importance of being confident in front of the students, I also learnt to entertain children who gets distracted and bored in every single minute, and so on. I would teach children who are accompanied by an adult and I believe that strongly changes the class environment knowing that you are also being watched by fully-grown adults who can easily see your mistakes. This was nerve-racking for a while but the more I did it, the more confident I became. This job was life changing and I enjoyed every single minute of it. Those special times with the children and watching them improve from day one meant so much to me. I remember teaching hesitant kids during circle time who became more comfortable and confident, and kids who did not know a single English word and be able to say a simple “thank you” months later. This gave me the outlook of making a difference in someone’s life, especially in such a young age which made it even more special. When I graduated from university, I unfortunately had to end my part-time teaching career as I needed to look for something more stable that would keep me busier than a class that only runs for 2 hours a day. Without any hesitation, I immediately went on a job hunt for an English teacher, which I know I would enjoy doing. As of now, I am certain that helping students grow into such remarkable and intelligent people is something I want to do. I believe that doing something you enjoy as a job was worth the big decision of a career change and I also strongly believe that I will not regret it. I am very blessed and ecstatic to recently receive a job offer to become an English teacher, hence completing a TEFL course in order to help further prepare myself in the coming weeks.