Teach English in Yuxiakou Zhen - Yichng Shi

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English achieved a global status of an international language since it is recognized worldwide. It became global due to native speakers economic power. Initially, British imperial power which spread English language to many countries. It provided communication between ethnic groups. International researchers say that there are more than 400 million people speaking English as their first language and much more people using English as a second language. I am one of these people, I was taught English since middle school. After high school graduation, I realized how important English learning is. English opens many doors in the academic world and gives many opportunities for better education with top scholars. English is widely used in business as trends expand every year and more countries are participating in global market. I always wanted to study abroad. Most of universities require English proficiency from their potential students. Top MBA schools are taught in English and they attract best professors and educators to give lectures. That is why many students from around the world find English essential as it gives more career and education opportunities. Most of people enjoy traveling; It can be another motivation to learn English because you can use it in other countries. Me, personally, love traveling and visiting interesting places. I have been to some Western and Asian countries. English language knowledge made my trips easier and more comfortable. I was able to communicate with some local people, make reservations and be aware of important events happening in that country. As international tourism has developed throughout past years, global language can make trips safer and better for foreign travelers. Another main reason is meeting people from different cultural backgrounds. I got my bachelor degree in China. There were many international students. English was our communication tool during college years. We did not have the common first language so professors gave us lectures in English. When I was working on my research papers, I found many information sources such as scientific journals, articles and interviews. They were very helpful because I could get background material from international papers from around the world. Additionally, American economic and cultural influence made English even more popular. With Hollywood being well known, people wanted to learn English to be able to understand and appreciate the foreign entertainment. American movies, television shows and music are center of attention worldwide. It stabilized the position of the English language and popularity of American entertainment still maintains today. In our modern world, countries need a global language to be able to communicate and build economic or political relationships with each other. Especially for people who want to be employed in global workforce. Many schools teach their students English as their second language. Being an English teacher is a very important role in this society. Students should know what kind of opportunities they have. Teachers need to motivate their students to learn and make them interested in the course content. Many non-English speaking countries employ native English speakers to teach students how to communicate fluently.