Teach English in Heba Zhen - Yiyang Shi

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As a children’s English teacher, course materials are very important. There are many kind of materials that we can use in the classroom, flashcard is the basic one. We can present the new vocabulary and practice with flashcards, and children can understand the word directly through the picture on the flashcard, which is very effective. Besides, there are many games with flashcards that we can use as activities in the classroom. Here I will list 5 of these games I often use in my classes. 1. Musical Chair Musical chair is a fun game for group classes which need learners to walk around chairs with music on, when the music turned off, the learners should find a chair and sit down in, the one without a chair should call out the word of the flashcard. Or when practicing the vocabulary, teacher put the flashcards on each chair, when the learners sit down, they need to say the word on the chair. When teacher turn on the music, you can ask learners to walk, skip, hop or do any actions they have learned. Teacher can play with the learners together. 2. Zombie Game Zombie game is an exciting game among young learners. Ask learners to make a big circle, the teacher stand in the center of the circle. Tell the learners that the teacher is a zombie (or a monster or whoever you like) who will hold a flashcard, when the zombie approaching to a learner, the learner should shout out the word of the flashcard three times, or the zombie will bite the learner. When playing with young learners, they would be very excited and you can see how scared they would be. 3. Cups Tower This is a game that learners can build a high tower with paper cups. Show learners the flashcard, the one who first shout out the word could get the flashcard and a paper cup, the put the cup on the floor, then put the flashcard on the cup, and so on. Learners would be very excited when the tower gets higher and higher. 4. Don’t Peek Teacher It’s an easy game for young learners. Ask learner to stand along the wall, the teacher stand at another side in the classroom, cover your eyes with a flashcard, and learners can creep toward you slowly and quietly. When you lower the flashcard to look at the learners, they should stand still, or should go back to the wall. When you lower the flashcard you can ask them to call out the word. Then cover your eyes and let them creep again. The one touches you without you seeing wins. 5. Bottle Spinner For this game, you need to prepare a bottle that can spin around, ask learners to sit in a circle, then spin the bottle in the center of the circle, when the bottle stops, the one who the bottle is pointing to should pick a flashcard and call out the word or make a sentence with the word. You can also ask the learner to spin the bottle.