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Students of different nationalities face a number of problems while studying in another country and I am going to be looking at these problems under different topics. There are a host of problems as a foreign student studying in another country other than your native homeland. Firstly,language is one of the most vital factor that affects students of varied Nationalities. Studying another language takes time and communication being very important makes it difficult for students of different countries to easily understand communicating or taking lessons in a strange language that they are not familiar with. Students most at times perform poorly not because knowledge was not acquired but because of language barrier. Direct translation from Google and other applications do not give the exact meaning of what a person intended to pass on. Apart from the academic influence on the students caused by language barrier, the students equally find it difficult to go through their social and daily lives in foreign countries. Going to a food market to buy from the locals who may not be able to communicate even in English may be a big hindrance to their social life in a foreign country.       Secoundly,tradition is another important factor faced by students of different Nationalities. Tradition is a long established habit set by a particular community or village. Changing from one tradition to another, might take time to learn, get use to and put it into practice. This therefore, pose a big problem for students of different Nationalities.         Social and economic differences among countries is the next factor that might affect students of different Nationalities. Most economic and social policies such as taxes might greatly affect these students of other Nationalities. Countries will always implement laws that will improve its country"s standards of living, this might affect students of different nationalities especially if prizes of goods and services are expensive than those in their countries. Not all nations have the same standard of living. This will be a big problem to students of other nationalities in using even the local currency of the other nation if the popular dollar or euros are not accepted in their host countries. I have had such an experience when I traveled to Nigeria for an exchange program where I found it quite difficult dealing with the Nigerian naira and the dollar that I was carrying. Also, had the same issue when I traveled to the Philippines from China with Chinese Renminbi. Buying in Philippines using the Philippine pesos was quite worrisome because they prices of most of their products were in the thousands which was quite cheap as compared to the Chinese currency I carried alongside the dollars. Though I was not a student in these examples above, I find that the foreign students experience the same difficulty that I had during my trips to Africa and Asia.           Moreover, politics among countries might also cause problems to students of different Nationalities.Countries are bound to  inter-relate with each other for the growth and development of their countries. The political relationship if not cordial might,affect students of different Nationalities. The Political climate of a host country may affect the foreign student adversely if it is not friendly. Examples of countries where democracy is not practiced or freedom of speech may have a negative impact on students from democratically strong and vibrant nations like America and the Uk.         Religious beliefs and the practice of traditional religion is another important factor that poses a problem to students of different Nationalities. The differences in religious backgrounds and the practise of the different religions has often caused a huge conflicts and in several cases had attracted violence.These differences have let to argument,separation and hatred. Hence,affecting students of different Nationalities that are studying in countries where religious disagreement is the order of the day. Not everybody is a Christian or beliefs in God. Some countries like China belief in the Buddha and not very comfortable with Christianity. This may influence the Christian students freedom of worship because they may be facing a lot of conflict worshipping their God as against the worship of the Buddha by the Chinese. This therefore constitute a problem to students of different nationalities. Also, cuisine is another vital factor affecting students of other nationalities. Some countries are use to mostly spicy and fried food.  While, others nations like boiled and less spicy food, making it a problem for students of different nationalities. Also, some countries use chopsticks as their eating tool,while other countries use spoons and forks.   Climate is another factor faced by students of different nationalities. Not all countries have the same climatic conditions. Some countries have two seasons while other countries have four seasons. It will take time for some students to adapt and most students get sick because of this change of climate. Despite the fact that students of different nationalities experience a number of problems in different countries, they normally end up adapting to the environment, language, education, culture, cuisine and almost all the problems they experienced at the first half of their stay in these foreign countries turn out to be an added advantage to their future lives. Learning a foreign language is an additional advantage to all students studying in a foreign country.