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In the following I want to discuss if online education is a product/source of globalization. I online education has two reasons, the globalization and the digitization. Why digitization is so important, is easy to explain. Without Internet, Computers or other digital stuff it is not possible providing online education. The Internet and Computers need to be relatively high developed. When there are too many failures in the system, like no Internet access or the Computer has too lass capacity, it will just lead to frustration and not to improvement regarding to the subject one wants to learn. The case of globalization is a little more complicated. It depends on which subject will be taught. For languages is the globalization very important. Without it, no one would like to learn other languages. Languages first get interesting when there is the possibility to communicate to people of other countries. Examples can be travelling, jobs, science and various projects. Often it is already necessary to be able to talk at least two languages for starting a job. Not everyone has time joining a real life class, then online courses can help. With online courses it is possible to do exercises whenever you want. No matter if it is in the middle of the night or in the train. The student is able to choose the right speed and areas of interest. Globalization is a big advantage because a learner can choose a teacher from all over the world. For example one in Asia can take a teacher from Canada and the other way around. So it is much easier to get lessons by a native speaker. Since it is much easier to travel, people get more interested in other cultures and their languages. People teaching English online can use it as a source. In other subjects but languages, I won't say that it is a source of globalization. Let's take science as an example. There are already many possibilities to get lessons or study online. But here you can see that it stays local. For studying you need to do written exams and for making sure, that it is really you who is doing the exam, you have to show up in person. As long as you have to do exams in person, it is not possible taking courses from teachers of other countries (as long as you are not a super rich person). In case of studying every country has different preconditions and goals what a student should be able to know. What may be a source in the case of science or programming and so on, is not a full course but something like YouTube tutorials. There are already many people who like spending their free time with explaining stuff to interested people. Summarizing I would say that teaching languages is a source of globalization. Teaching more specific subjects will still be a local issue. Which is not bad because people need to discuss higher topics in real life. Online sources should just be a tool, a very helpful one.