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I choose "learning difficulties",cause for my English learning experience,I have encountered a lot difficulties.suce as some tenses,remember the vocabularies.ect.I remember when I was at school,the basic two things the teacher taught us were "grammar" and "vocabulary".which I quite agreed with.I actually think that grammar is very important also vocabularies,I still have troubles to remember some of them.so many letters.but for grammar,it's like the foundation of learning English.no matter you take a test or have a communication with people,that's the crucial thing you need to understand. But I want to say some different Learning difficulties of specific circumstances. like I said,everthing we learn, we have to lay the foundation. I had problem with learning grammar for a very long time.I was confused,especially with the 16 tenses.even now,I can't say I understand them all.but I'm working on it.I have to say after I learned TEFL,I started to use "English thinking"to learning English.the videos,I found them quite useful.they can clearly show you the compositions by using sentences as an example.so what's my Learning difficulties? I just used a phrase English thinking,I feel that's my learning difficulties.not only me,everyone who learn English here have the same problems.we don't have the environment here.at school we have English class everyday,but except vocabulary,everything teachers teach,they use Chinese.because the teaching systems here,the only thing they focus on is to pass the exam.my point is what is the language for? everyone learn language,for sure they want to use it.not only for exams. I just want to make it more practical. I am now working at an international school as a teaching assistant.the more I work there the more I feel the way how we teach English in public schools really need to change.for example,everything in "my"school,they use English,of course they are all foreign teachers to teach,not only English,all kinds of subjects,music,art,PE.all of it.sure everybody knows the environment is very important,but no one auct actually doing it.not everyone can go to international schools,that's the reality.but I feel at last English,you have to use English to teach the kids in public.I'm not professional with teaching,but most of my opinions I expressed,it's just the situation I have encountered from my learning experience,when you start to use language,you will get fun of it.when you talk to people,you will start to know something different or some knowledges.for kids,they can make friends no matter where are they coming from.adults also.I'm a very practical person.I just feel if you learn something,especially languages,you have to use it.otherwise what's the point of learning it! The point is when you are in an English environment,it's like an imput,day by day,of course you can understand and speak.everyone in the school,they understand English,even for some yourger kids,they can't speak perfcet English.but they have no problem with listening part.I even made some Chinglish mistakes that some kids corrected me.I think that's the difficulties I have and we have here. if someday I start my own school.the way I teach,as long as you are in the school,no Chinese,English only.for now I don't think I have the ability to start it,but I will make my effort to accomplished my goal.and if you have any idea,please let me know. That's my summative. Thank you.