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Charlotte Faure Wednesday 27 Nov. 2019 Time and length of lesson: 80 min Level of Class: Beginner Elementary, 8 – 10 years old Lesson planning: Language Skills with an introduction to English grammar Aim of the lesson: • To apply listening skills to a picture presentation of a non-native speaker and putting what they hear into practice with the learning activities. • To provide concrete learning aids to enable learners to exploit their strengths and discover their own learning styles in listening, reading, writing and speaking English. • To expand their vocabulary focusing on learner communication. Engage stage 5 min Short picture presentation of places of the world. Beautiful colorful vacation destinations. Pictures will have place names on them and a brief description (interesting fact) will be given of the destination. 5 min With an open hand gesture each learner will have an opportunity to give their name, name the place they liked best and why they would like to go to the chosen destination, thus ensuring each learner speak some English. Errors can be noted and dealt with in future study stages. Active stage (1) 20 min First a demonstration of what to do on the worksheets will be given on the blackboard example: please open link https://imghostr.com/QtC3SDdh Learners will be divided into smaller groups and worksheets will be handed out. After completing the worksheets learners can discuss the worksheets also start a discussion among the learners of their own personal experiences or what they would like to do to have some fun thus allowing learners to communicate and listen freely. Feedback from the learners is essential to clarify any errors or misunderstandings in future lessons. Study stage 25 min The learners can return to their seats in the classroom. During this stage the aim would be to teach the learners new English language concepts. The example will be explained on the board as follows;please open links have, had, has https://imghostr.com/2ZadyHjya the class will repeat together after the teacher 3 times as each line get written on the board. https://imghostr.com/5Cy6nMm8m The learners will be handed their exercise to complete uninterrupted. Teacher will be monitoring the learners to ensure that they are doing what is required of the teacher. A warning will be given when time is almost up. After the exercise feedback will be given and learners will have the opportunity to correct their mistakes. Random answers will be collected from learners. For example: “Sam, what do you have for number 7” The aim is to let the students have as much talk time as possible. The teacher will only explain if the error is not resolved with learner talk time. Learner worksheet (1) example as follows:please open link https://imghostr.com/RhxccPhxK Active Stage (2) 25 min In this active stage the teacher will let the learners make smaller groups of 2 learners. Each team will be handed a learner appropriate English travel magazine and poster paper, glue and scissors. Each team will be given 20 min to cut out and glue their favorite travel locations. It can be words (learning to recognize words thus improving the writing skills in future lessons) or images. This allows the learners to communicate freely to their teammate in order to complete the final product. For students on a higher level or fairly educated with the English language, story writing would be an option for this active stage.