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Has English become the global language? In this day and age, borders and barriers have become less significant and the spread of businesses and mixed raced families have become more and more common. As medical and technological advancements continue to grow, the language which is used for communication becomes that much more important. Thus, propelling the demand for a global language, which in the 21st century is English. The reason English has become “the global language” is because it is the language of business. As the saying goes, “People go where the money is.” Consequently, when the rise of the new world (America) began in the 1900s, the spread of English also began. With English speakers leading the economy and holding the majority of wealth, the rest of the world was forced to comply, especially after World War II. This was due to the medical and economical breakthroughs achieved by the western countries. Since western leaders dominated the market and the economy, the rest of the world was compelled to learn English in order to rise economically. As time went on, advances in technology by western society grew significantly. The creation of coding and software brought English into new territories, making it a predominating language. The newfound technology and software became the future for the late 1900s because of its ability to cut down man-hours through automated machinery. While at the same time, paving the way for English to be used even more frequently between advancing nations and societies. All global organizations use English as their primary way of communicating. Our largest global community, and possibly the only global community that represents all countries, the UN uses 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese. English is being used in an estimated 85% of the organization for all purposes and intents. It is also reported that one third of existing global organizations and communities solely use English to conduct their affairs. All of this resulting in the rise of millennial bilingual global citizens, all having English as their second language. Furthermore, English is being used as a basis for intercollege programs and businesses, now leading to the rise of global businesses and brands. Simultaneously, the use of English for marketing became more widely used in global brands. Due to the latest technology advancements, the biggest platform used for marketing is social media, with English being the main language used for advertisements. Not only has English marketing spread through brands and businesses, but it also cultivated and catapulted artists to the global stage through English content. Since most audiences can understand and relate to English through songs or blogs, audiences are becoming more and more bilingual. The proof of this is, the biggest artists and brands in the world today use English as their primary language to communicate with their fans and consumers. In conclusion, English is currently the primary language used globally. Businesses require English proficiency from their employees and families encourage English as the first language for their children in order to best prepare them for a prosperous future in the business world. Hence, English is undeniably the language of global communication.