Teach English in Citangwei Zhen - Yongzhou Shi

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How to teach educated-students Society has become very competitive these days. Everybody looks like in some kind of race every moment. We want to achieve things quickly to prove ourselves (so called) perfect. We are becoming more and more ‘go & geters’. Here we usually forget a very important point that everything cannot be achieved in a short time period. Sometimes, we need to cover a whole journey to get that and achieve it. There is another important aspect that is to get the goal is enough or should we more focus on the related benefits? For example, to get the degree in engineering might be easy but to become a qualified and reputable engineer is not so simple. It needs education, experience and determination .These are the elements which give us a vision to be something, to reach up to the set destination. Unfortunately, the perception we are discussing is also affecting our education industry. Not everywhere but there is some teachers who believe grades/marks are actually representatives of their students. These teachers only focus on giving knowledge by the books/material which has already been set in syllabus. According to their philosophy if child is gaining A or A+ only then he/she would be considered as an intelligent student and he/she will be professionally successful later on. History shows it’s not true. There are tons of examples of school abandoned students who became legends of their craft. That’s why; being a teacher we need to work on our educational philosophy. Our educational philosophy should be summed up by one of Aristotle’s quotations “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” We shouldn’t emphasize on only knowledge base teaching. Although the primary job of a teacher is to give knowledge, it is equally important for teachers to strive and provide life skills, and moral values to their students. For example, we have to teach children about different types of building materials (Cement, Wood and Straw). We can ask children to role play the famous story of “Three little pigs”. Rather than memorizing; by practically building houses and using three different kinds of building materials, they will easily learn about the difference among the materials. While building, they’ll learn about team work, types of materials and experience the use of different materials. It will make them think about what they would need to build their own houses. After such hard work when some sly fox comes by and breaks their houses....how would they feel? Yes, they’ll feel sad.....spot on.....we have to tell them when we break or destroy other people’s things or objects, it hurts them. It’s very easy to gain knowledge these days and children are well aware of it. Students of young age know about Youtube and Google. They have already figured out how to attain the information, what are the available resources and how to use them. The hard part is to educate them the same information but with moral, cultural and social values. We have to make them realize the “itsy bitsy spider “rhyme is actually explaining the water cycle. Furthermore, no matter how hard it was for that tiny spider, he didn’t give up; he believed in himself and kept trying until he reached back to the top again. In a nut shell, in this century we are already making enough machines, if we want to raise civilized, cultured and good human beings we’ll have to focus on educating children in both moral and academic manners.