Teach English in Damiaokou Zhen - Yongzhou Shi

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Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) as the name connotes, simply refers to teaching English in country where English is no the native the language. In other words, teaching English to Spanish people in Spain. A critical look at the above would mean that, usually an individual in this case a qualified (Teach English as a Foreign Language) teacher who is not only qualified to teach English but also comes from an English speaking country (a country with English as the native language) travels to a country where English is not the native language and therefore the teachers service is needed to teach English. In a situation like this, as interesting as the Teaching English as a Foreign Language career may be always, the experienced or new teacher (who is qualified and comes from a country where English is the native language) may be faced with real life situational challenges. The challenges or problems may not be peculiar to this teacher only. They are usually challenges or problems or hurdles that are encountered in the course of teaching English as a foreign language and therefore any teacher should not think it strange but rather handle or deal with tactfully and successfully so as to further and better the English native and qualified teacher’s skills. Some of the usually encountered challenges may include cultural challenges, problems in the classrooms, and more. The few problems stated are elaborated in the following paragraphs and their effective approaches have also been provided. To begin with, Cultural Differences, the teacher who as travel to a new and different environment may have the challenge or problem of cultural activities that he or she may find or think strange, such differences may emanate from the way of life of the new country, food, manner and mode of thinking, how they greet, dressing style, permissible language among others. Here the challenges may be worse when constantly the teacher has not only to see or witness but also by default is required to be part of or submit to either by the greeting the same or dressing not far from such manner. Some instance may also be very stressing especially when as a result of the culture the students constantly approach the teacher for solution in a quest to learn the language faster but to the teacher the manner may be worrying. An instances may also be where the teacher may find him or herself in a country where hands are shook when greeting but originally the teacher’s home culture does not encourage that. Culture is culture and must be respected, so once the teacher finds him or herself in that country the teacher automatically is to adjust to suit and get use to the culture so as to make the students comfortable with him or her for a successful teaching and learning. Also, problems in the classrooms. A teacher may encounter challenges in the classrooms which may include different or varying levels of students, reluctant student, low resourced classrooms and more. At any point in time in the teaching career, the teacher may be confronted with a situation where the student’s language level varies. In other words, some of the students learn more quickly than others in the same class that started at the same level. To deal with this the teacher may approach the situation with using different materials, pairing stronger students with weaker students and more. Challenge of reluctant students. Here the students may not have interested in participating in class. In such a situation an approach will be to use plenty of pair work, controlled practice, role-play, tape recorder, and more as this will allow the students to practice in a safe environment. Low resourced classrooms. A teacher may find him/herself in a school which does not have the resources many teachers need in the classrooms. Here the teacher may have to be creative so as to repurposed household waste such as newspaper, cartons, magazines and more to create a whole range of visual equipment, and classroom props. The internet may also be very helpful to the teacher in such a situation. In conclusion, as mostly taught by the International TESOL /TEFL Training. Challenges that come up in the course of the teaching career makes it more interesting and serve as an avenue for teachers to grow and rise in the industry. Again, either by being creative or consulting the teacher would always find a way in dealing with any possible challenge that may come up in the course of the career