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Classroom management is one of the most important factors in the classroom. It defines teacher`s effectiveness, students` achievements and impacts an overall atmosphere in the classroom. It is the process that students understand how to behave and teacher sets up certain rules and expectations for students. For any teacher, to be effective in the classroom, it is vital to impose certain behaviors. The first day of the class is the most important day when a teacher shows that he can manage the classroom effectively. It is usually advised to arrive to a classroom earlier and greet every student one by one. The teacher should show where a student can sit because when a student enters the classroom he/she wonders which place to choose. So teacher`s arrangement of seats will be useful. This technique makes remembering names easily. If you can remember the students` names and use them on the first lesson, it will have a big effect on students. They will feel that they are valued. So, calling by name also means that teacher respects the student. Also, when the students comes into classroom, they must see a short assignment on the board. It could be something like “Prepare a short talk about your family”. So, every student will be engaged with this kind of assignment until the lesson begins. It is a good way to begin the lesson with a short talk or with a discussion. It will warm – up students. When students understand teacher`s expectations, they will respond accordingly. When the teacher follows the same principles every lesson, it will be easier for students to make adjustments. Students shape their behavior according to a teacher`s consistency in his/her rules. Classroom management also includes equality. Teachers should try to be fair. Some students are willing to participate more in the lesson while some might not. Therefore, a teacher should be careful and not allow very active students to speak more. The teacher should also encourage a shy students, too. A teacher is the most important factor that affects the atmosphere in the classroom. A teacher`s behavior can create a safe classroom where students won`t be shy to practice the language. A teacher should outline for students when to speak and when to wait and listen. If the teacher fails to control, it will end up with a lot of noise in the classroom and teaching will be difficult. Rules set up by a teacher shouldn`t be more than four or five. Rules must cover important parts of teaching and interacting with each other. Rules could be the followings: 1. Raise up your hand before speaking. 2. Arrive on time. 3. Always do homework. 4. Never lie, tell the truth. …etc. It is also very important not to shout too much and make threats that the teacher can`t carry out. Shouting too much will be effective in the first place but later it will fade and students won`t care much. Also, the teacher should avoid making threats which he/she can`t fulfill. Students won`t respect much if this happens at once. Classroom management for adults won`t be the same as for young learners. Young learner are more biased to misbehave while adults are not. When considering about the classroom rules, it is also important to take into account the age of the students. Rules that work for younger learners won`t have the same effect for adults. A teacher won`t have many problems with adults as they are already motivated and can behave themselves. A teacher defines the outcome of any classroom. A teacher`s interaction with the learners and his/her experience in teaching and managing the teaching process defines the success. A teacher with decent knowledge and effective classroom management skills is very likely to be successful. There are no universal rules for classroom management but there are some effective rules which have been tested and advised to use.