Teach English in Dapingtang Zhen - Yongzhou Shi

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When thinking of what is most important to learn when studying and preparing for a TEFL certificate, it is clear that there are many different parts and subjects within it to consider. Most of them are learned from the course itself, whereas other areas you will not be able to have a proper grasp of until you finally have a hands on experience after receiving your certificate. Overall it would be safe to say that every subject within the teaching process is important, each having their part to play, leading to an overall goal. However, in my mind, the ability to teach and apply one's skills as a teacher effectively stands to be the most important aspect of any teacher, be the new and aspiring or a teacher of experience. Without the ability, mindset, or enthusiasm and will, maybe what you would call passion, not only will the teacher suffer, but also the entirety of their classroom. As an example scenario, when entering a classroom of students for the first time, be it as a new teacher or an experienced teacher, you are already in need of utilizing your teaching skills. You may consider them social skills applied to teaching, since your first goal with a new group of students is to create a good learning environment, first by introducing yourself with a friendly attitude, and a smile. I do not think any student wants to be greeted with a monotone greeting, especially as a first impression. Then you must establish yourself, building simple connections with the students, such as asking their names, ages etc and overall, show them you are just as excited and willing to teach them as they should be to learn from you. If you execute this very simple strategy correctly, you will have already started to pave the way for a very successful class. Although granted, all teachers are different and cannot all present themselves in the exact same way or with the same type of energy, due to differences in personality, since extroverts can be more charismatic and make themselves easier to approach as an example. It is still of great importance to conveying that message to the students on your first meeting, "I am excited to teach you", and to get them comfortable both with you and their classmates and ready to learn. Most development between the students will be seen as the class progresses, and then, the teacher can act accordingly. People automatically adapt to their surrounding environment, normally negativity breeds negative results, and vice versa, positivity breeds positive results. This same situation can be found in many parts of life, including the classroom of a language school, and the teacher and students within. This is not to say that teachers should be more lenient or forgiving, or that every teacher needs to have one inherent attitude. There is a necessary balance and variety needed and that is important within the skills to teach, especially between a teacher and their students. But simply to posses the ability to set the standard with positive enthusiasm, bring the students closer together and give them a better learning environment, and thus making the whole experience an enjoyment, rather than anything potentially tedious. There are always issues to be had, maybe even ones between the students or issues that one single student has, but that is also part of the abilities a responsible teacher should have, being able to adapt, understand and judge effectively what is to be done. I think my main point is that, the most important part of your teaching skills aren't necessarily your ability to teach the English language or your knowledge of it, such as the teaching of Grammar or Phonology or the other subjects, but the skill on how you make your students comfortable learning it, and how to best convey it unto them, since without the will, you lose the way. SUBJECT: Learning Teaching Skills