Teach English in Dawei Zhen - Yongzhou Shi

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This course definitely changed me for the better. It taught me a lot about teaching in general. Things that I never knew or thought about. Going through this course made me think a lot about my experience in school. It made me see why my teachers did the things they did. Teaching strategies I beforehand contemplated or disagreed with, I know understand better why those teachers taught in such a way. Even the way my teachers have engaged with me in the past, after this course I understand they were following protocol. Not just protocol but an effective way of helping the student. This course also made me realize they've gone through the same thing I just went through, training. This course surprised me. I did not expect to learn as much as I did. The very first thing I learned in this course was the different roles teachers choose to take. It's not just one, it's multiple and teachers have to be ready to change their mannerisms on the spot. Such as the role of being a participator. When the teacher acts as a participator, it is important that the teacher doesn't dominate the activity or focus attention upon him/herself. Or when the teacher takes on the role of an Observer or Monitor, the teacher will pay more attention to the students than the students paying attention to the teacher. The teacher will listen to oral communication during communicative activities to make written or mental notes for correction or praise at a later stage. This is surprising because most of the time people think of a teacher as the one doing all the talking and has all or most of the attention. When teaching it is important to know when to take a dominating or leading role and when to take a more withdrawn role. Teachers must develop a skill of balancing this because students will start to lose respect and confidence in the teacher if the teacher is too dominating or if the teacher is too withdrawn. I also learned good teachers should also be aware of their own students they are presently teaching to. They should not treat every class the same. It is good for the teacher to know their student's customs and differences. Learning about Teacher Talk Time (TTT) helped me to see I have to be careful in being aware of the amount of my actual talking and what I am talking about when teaching. A good English teacher will choose the language for explanations and instructions very carefully. They will avoid using super advanced English words when teaching. I learned teachers should use gestures, mimes, and pictures to give the students a break from listening to the teacher and will give them a new, fresh perspective. A good English teacher should be careful not to over-elaborate and to always use a language with the students that is at or below the level being taught. Throughout the course I learned many ways a good English teacher should teacher. I will not forget the information this ITTT course taught me and will use it the rest of my teaching career.