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The reason why i selected this topic as my summative task is because i know the importance of materials for the lessons and i am personally interested with creative materials for my lessons. I wanna start with explaining what materials are being used currently for English language lessons around the world: -Flashcards -Worksheets -Craft sheets -Downloadable songs and readers -Workbooks -Communicative games like Tabu. I can also add more relevant materials but i think that these materials that i used as examples are enough. I as a teacher have been thinking is there a way to create better, more creative, more suitable materials for the learners? and i have researced a lot about it. I have made my researches on other fields like social media, computer and mobile programming, Database because these are the fields that are related with making our daily lives easier for the better, so as teachers why can't we use them for for our lessons as well? I'm sure im not the only teacher who thinks about the future of materials for foreign language lessons. We live in a world that's politically and socially constantly changing. As educators we should be aware of that and we should act accordingly. Education is a process that is always alive and not only realized in the classroom. That counts on teaching of English langauge as well. Mobilty is one of the key factors of teaching because we as language teachers should relate English language with daily lives of learners so that the learners should see English language not as a typical lesson but as a part of life. To realize that we should know how to adjust our lessons to the mobility. We should think about which materials of ELT will change, which materials will remain and which innovations will effect the lessons. In that case i consider Database, mobile and computer programs and social media applications. In the future creativity will be even more important then today for the language teachers. So as language teachers how we will be prepared to this change? I have a clear explanation for this and i do belive that i am partly prepared for the future. While i was working, my solutions were: -Adjusting contents to data visualization software solutions. ( I used Periscope Data and Domo.) -I collaborated my langauge school with mobile software programmers to create our own application. -I got an intesive Adobe Indesign course as well to create my own worksheets. -In order to mobilize me of the important contents, i created my own database for the learners. -I created an Instagram page for the learners and created graphics. Basically this is how i prepared for the future of creating materials because i know the importance of digitalization and im aware of how it can positively effect both, teachers and learners. Teaching process will be realized with more different materials and creativity will be an important factor to select the right material for the lessons... I wanted to explain my opinions about the materials in a different way because i thought there is generally a lack of information about that issue. If futuristic views seem to be important nowadays, we as teachers can't be indifferent.