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Whay Motivating students is important to me? This topic is important to me when becoming a teacher because i believe only motivated students are eager to learn. Some Motivation techniques used in schools are not to change students but to guide and support them,students can only change them selves.Things we believe in and consider right do guide our thinking.Thought models such as perception over see our actions. Mativation plays an important rule in human life. What is motivation? Motivation is the inner drive which initiate specific in order to achieve certain targets or chandes. Indeed a motivated person seems to be remotly driven to be more persistent and focussed on the tasks and there for more easily achieves intellectual and creative success. As not all peopl are naturally programmed to motivate themselves,some need guidance so that with motivation they can gain knowledge and master new skills. How is motivation in the educational process? Motivation in school is an educational process with a complex combination of events. One key componenet is directly the students way of learning which is related to the attitude of the student and the topic.The school does not only aim into motivated.The students to learn but also widden their horizon in general.Target is to raise the students motivation to develop the desire themselves to learn new things and to gain knowledge and skills.Therefore is it necessary that each class has it,s own motivation system. What are the motivation? Motivation is a two-way process.I think that is it not enough that the teacher tries to raise students interest but that the student himself understands what are they interest in,what their strength and weaknesses are and where the learning process will lead to. The motivational training complex consists of two tipes,external and internal motives. External motives are represented by external effects onto the student, such as the learning condition and environment,teacher recommendations,parental orders and school rules.Furthermore conversation,persuasions and wishes are influencing factors. The internal motives that encourage the student to study,well are desires inside.Considering motives and motivation from this angle,it is important that the student likes and wants to study,desires new knowledge and skills.To do this it is simple enough to understand why he/her is learning,how to use his acquired knowledge in the future. What other ways motivate students? Different school have their own motivation programs,i think handing thanks or handing letters is a an encourading motivation method,even if the student is not at a low level this approach allows the student to be interested in achieving great succes,encourading a student to study. How does motivation of the relantionship between teacher and student? I think another option for motivation to study maybe the mutual relationship between teacher and student if the student understands that he can advice and help,discuss with the teacher questions about study,than he/she becomes more interested in the total study of the subject. What motivation is important for student? Respect for students regardless of their performance and behavior or his/her attitude to the discipline is very impotrant for me.We must show recpect and this is also motivation. Respect is manifested primarily in relation to the student.Appeal by name of the student lack of insulting reward for success. What motivations do students have for the strong and the weak? These two main factors affect learning performance,the level of cognitive sphere in development and the motivational sphere of personality.It is not the level of intelligence that distinguishes a strong student from a weak.I think the motivation of student plays the main role here,That strong students keep this motivation inside.How much are they interested in mastering this training at the highest level, therefore they receive and assimilate knowledge in full so that knowledge and skills would be complete, And weak students need professional motivation.For some of them it,s important to gain approval from others.Since the motivation of students learning activities is constanly heated from different angles,it depends on the teachers to create interest´in learning.Teamwork plays a huge role. This above all tries to explain why it is so important to keep students motivated and interested in learning,from my point of view.