Teach English in Gongyeyuanqu - Yongzhou Shi

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Teaching one to one is the best way for the student who really need help for learning unlike groups. Some student chooses to learn one to one because they really like to develop their interest and talents by their own. The student has more attention, time and focus on her/his studies especially when they are weak in one subject or she/he doesn’t understand about the topic and get the answer right away from the teacher. Some students are loners. They don’t really like a companionship or friends because they are shy or have fears because of the others that is why they like one to one teaching method.For example, some student doesn’t really like to correct by the other student if she/he answered wrong. The teacher and the student can be fast developing the relationship by knowing each other, about the behavior and attitude. They can both develop a trust because they are always together in learning a lesson and the student can open up her/his problems. For example, the teacher can more easily step in to the feelings or behavior of the students for her/his personal problems or situation. One to one can handle or deal very easily. For example, the teacher has enough time to prepare the next lesson with no hurry if the student doing or busy her/his work.The teacher can correct the mistake of the student when she/he has to speak or pronounce the words, writing the correct spelling,grammar or how to write the right letters from the alphabet and reading or listening the words from the text or conversation. The teacher can know exactly what the student needs or likes for her/his studies. For example, if the student has due date to finish or accomplish her/his project within two days, the teacher helps her/him to give the information or ideas right away what she/he should do. The teacher can do right away to control what the student’s did. One to one can easily motivate the student if she/he is not feeling well or no more interest to learn. For example, the teacher has to find some other ideas or solution to convince the students to learn. The teacher must tell to the student that she/he can do it and be proud or praise her/him when she/he finished the work. In one to one, the teacher can easily teach what is right and what is wrong with learning. Groups are the students contains two or more students. It’s hard to develop their interest and talents by their own. It takes time because some they hide their personalities and they don’t like to cooperate or show the interest in learning a lesson or activities. The teacher can really hard sometimes to correct every student of their mistake or giving attention because the teacher must be focused on a group. For example, some students are fast learners. They can catch up the topic of the lesson with no more explanation. They can easily understand what the teacher said and some are slow learner. The teacher must tell many times or explain so she/he got what the teacher wants. In a group, the teacher can experience a hard time for teaching because some students interrupt the lesson to get the attention on the teacher. For example, some students get jealous or disappointed because she/he doesn’t really get an attention or time from the teacher. It is also sometimes hard to deal with them especially when they like to know something, everybody will ask the question or tell their thoughts or ideas that create more noise in a room or class. A group of students sometimes have more fun but the teacher has a lot of stress in and after the lesson or situation. The teacher has more obligation to help them to learn. The teacher can possible to have a favoritism because some are smart or talented. For example, the students have encountered a comparison between other students, she/he feels the difference treatment from the others. The teacher must have more patient and understanding in the situation of teaching a groups. For example, if the students have no enough english background and she/he really can‘t speak or pronounce the words, to write the correct spelling or grammar and to read or listen the words from the text and conversation.The teacher can’t get 100% learning from her/his students what she/he taught. In a group, the teacher has a lot of work or a lot of time to correct all the work of the students unlike one to one, especially when correcting the examination or homework. The teacher must check all the papers and talk the student about what she/he got from the examination or homework so the students should be better next time. The teacher sometime forgot to talk every student about if she/he is fine because the teacher can’t do it everyday because it use a lot of time. In a group, the students are not really happy to praise all the students because they know some students are not belonged to them or they didn’t work hard for it. In a group, it’s more difficult to develop closeness to all students because the teacher should be fair for everybody.In a group, some students didn’t really do their homework because some saying we are lots of students in a class so my teacher didn’t check or control our homework.